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DC HeroClix Wish-List: Sonar! (v1.1)

Once again, would like to state that I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie” than a “DC Drone”. I remember reading one comic in my youth with this DC Comics villain — Sonar — in it. He was fighting the JL. Don’t remember what the story was about. Remember his “Napoleon” look and the “tuning fork gun”. I went looking for info on him recently. What a mess. Apparently, the name has been used by a couple different DC Comics characters. The “original” is the one I believe I read, but his origin as a Green Lantern foe seems muddled.

Conceptually, he also seems like a bit of a DC Comics’ “rip” or “riff” on two Marvel Comics villains: Doctor Doom and The Wizard (both ‘traditionally’ Fantastic Four ‘rogues gallery’ members).

Basically, Bito Wladon was a member of the royal family of a tiny Balkan nation, had a passion for science and engineering in the field of sonics/acoustics. Typical for the ‘pseudo-science” of superhero comics’ narrative universes, his chief breakthrough was a specific piece of “unobtainium” tech dubbed a “nucleo-sonic motor”. He’s incorporated it into a sceptre-like weapon, various ‘wearable’ devices, and the ‘iconic’ “tuning-fork pistol”. (Puts him in the ‘gunslinger’ subcategory of supervillains.)

He’s used the wave-producing gadgets to ‘fly’, produce seismic effects, and screw up opponents’ brain chemistry enough so they hallucinate.

Most-obvious HeroClix applications are simple: Quake, Force Blast, Incapacitate, maybe even Mind Control or Penetrating/Psychic Blast at a stretch.

Given WizKids’ reveal of “visible dials” on character cards in the future, and a seeming desire for ‘simplicity’ or ‘elegance’, I think Sonar could be an effective sub-100 point clix, maybe with Traited Force Blast, then a rather colorful dial of the other effects, primarily Quake and Incapacitate. There are also a few characters that have Quake-based Special Powers that allow a use of Quake to affect terrain, I believe. (I belive a version of Red Hulk has such, and of course the Marvel character named “Quake” has some cool variations.)

DC HeroClix Wish Sonar