HeroClix: “TOP SHOT”

Whoa! Nice dial! Since I only pick up the occasional Captain America trade paperback collection anymore, I have no idea who this guy is. Clint “Hawkeye” Barton has a brother?! Who happens to be using the name of Hawkeye’s old mentor-turned-villain?! Whoa!

Wonder how “Barney” here compares to 4 recent renditions of Hawkeye…?







Ret-Con: Hawkeye (CT) (v1.1)

Ret-Con_CT_Hawkeye_Mash-UpThis particular piece, the Hawkeye R/E/V from the 2002, was one of my first “Ret-Con Trait guinea pigs” back in 2010. The RCT’s have changed at the game’s rules and mechanics have evolved. This is not, however, the original post. (WordPress’ marvelous system keeps track of all of a post’s previous drafts and revisions.) I deleted that post almost a year ago, when I experimented with giving each Ret-Con its own page rather than a post within the blog’s “main body”.

So, “new” post. Rework of the Ret-Con Trait. Wondering: “Should I include stat-blocks of all the other versions of Hawkeye, for comparison to this old CLOBBERIN’ TIME version?” Maybe I’ll revise the post in the future.

Otherwise, the RCT is imbedded into the “collage”.


Wish-List: El Aguila! (v2.1)


Marvel’s El AguilaMarvel Comics character, can’t say I’ve seen him in a long while.  Remember him fondly from some Power Man & Iron Fist comics I owned in my tweens, back in the 1980’s.  Now I realize he was a riff on El Zorro, with the addition of a low-level super power.  He generates “bio-electricity“.  He needs metal to focus it through, and chooses his sword (sometimes depicted as a foil, others as a rapier or cutlass).  Shocking strikes with the sword (like a stun gun) or short-ranged bursts.

Can’t justify any “multi-dial” or “dual-dial” for this guy, but he’s still a cool “acrobatic fighter” with a bit of a ranged bonus. 

Oddball 3 range?  Single target Energy Explosion?  Nah.  Incapacitate? Force Blast isn’t a bad option either.  Would be nice to have a trait blending the use of FB plus the Repulsor Feat effect as well. 

Yes, he has a sword, but he tends to be less-than-lethal with it.  BCF could show up at the end of the dial, as a “desperation measure”, maybe?  Other than that, Leap/Climb, Combat Reflexes, secondary attacker, then the “FB+”?  35 to 50 points tops.

Q: What’s Christina Aguilera’s family name mean then?

Wish-List: Silencer (Marvel) (v1.8)

EDIT (18 FEB 2013): Adding in a “collage”. That is all.


Remembered this guy yesterday.  Was thinking of interesting, lower-point villains I’d like to see, non-generics that might make good “rounders” to a team build.  This particular character named Silencer was/is an assassin, first appearing in the 1980’s Hawkeye limited series.  Reference material: Ye Olde Marvel Wikia and Ye Olde Marvel Universe Appendix.

Gist: Silencer is silent.  A “highly skilled normal human”, using technology that eliminates sound he makes, sound within inches from him, and uses a gun firing specialized ammunition that uses the same super-sci tech (the bullets make no sound upon impact).

On the Marvel site linked above his name is “unrevealed” and he’s presumed dead.  The fan-site (the second link) says his name is “Dean Helm”, the name revealed in Marvel’s hardcover reference books, Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe, A – Z, mentioned in Crossfire’s entry.

“Dear Marvel”: Personally, I think it would be better if his name remained unknown, kinda like the first Spymaster.  Since he’s a tech-based, globe-trotting assassin-type, he should be a “recurring” character, in the sense that it might be a good “for sale” identity.  Maybe Justin Hammer could have been involved, maybe someone else is involved in putting people into the Silencer gear now (my money would be on Taskmaster; this would be an “elite” graduation present to some lucky student of his).

“Dear WizKids”: Anyway, what I’d like to see for this guy is fairly simple and straight forward.  But, as always, WizKids introduces some cool new game mechanic that has me thinking of all sorts of characters that could benefit from its application: Post over on HCRealms.com reports that a WizKids rep popped into an Austin, TX area game store to chat with players and show off some stuff.

One of the things shown-off by that rep was a version of the SHIELD Specialist game piece due to hit in the CAPTAIN AMERICA 10-figure “gravity feed” set at the end of this month.  This version of the SHIELD Specialist is 2 figures in one.  WizKids is using “alternate starting lines” on this piece (Think: The “alternate starting lines on pieces like the IC Sentinels, or the newer TRU-exclusive Sentinels, and a few other recent pieces like Shazam!/Black Adam from B& tB last year, or the Frost Giant from GSX).  The result is one 25 point figure that can be played using either of the two separate 4-click versions.  Brilliant!  Thank you, WizKids!  It’s getting labelled the “dual-dial” design over on HCR.

This is a cool development.  Lot of possibilities, not just for future generics but for low-level 3rd-stringers like Silencer here.

Silencer: Could have a more “traditional” standard powers-only dial.  To my mind, he falls somewhere between Paladin and Spymaster on the “cheap, effective, but expendable” list of HC game pieces.  25 points does seem flexible and appropriate.  Two starting lines, 5 clicks of life for each version.  Sharpshooter combat symbol.  Decent stats, Stealth,Running Shot, and/or ES/D for both versions.  Special Power or Trait to reflect his “silencing tech”, like characters adjacent to him being unable to use Leadership or something.  Heck, that might a be a good trait for both alternate “dual-dials”.  I remember him being a close-in guy, despite the use of his pistol.  So, either the “standard” 6 Range, or even 4.  The alternate dials should emphasize different ranged capabilities.  One could focus on RCE, the other on PPB.

Not sure about Keywords.  Soldier and/or Spy might be appropriate, since he’s a hired assassin.  Dunno.