Kind of a Big Deal: Supreme Intelligence – HeroClix Realms

SaturnFlight sez: …sometimes, attack and defense values need to represent threat.

Whether we’re talking about HeroClix or superhero genre fiction, rings true to me. A “villain” or “supervillain” is more than a simple rival or antagonist. They are Threats, whose goals and/or activities endanger civilians and “society”, and our intrepid Heroes, in the nadir; to advancement of Human Civilization in the median; to the existence of the Multiverse at their zenith. With many degrees, many phases in between.

Anyway, great article, IMO.

Edit: To be clear, i don’t mean — totally DO NOT MEAN — villains should be cartoonishly simplistic. 

Having finally gotten my girlfriend to go to a showing of “War for the Planet of the Apes” yesterday, one of the things I like about it is the degree to which the ‘antagonists’ believe in what they are doing, have their own thpughts about how the world is, how it works, and what they need to do to not only survive, but creating conditions that will enable them to thrive. From Colonel McCullough to his dutiful-but-conflicted soldier Preacher to the “donkey” Red, they are excellently crafted ‘antagonists’, villains.

But, this blog tends to focus on superhero genres stuff, especially movies. So, what ‘villains/supervillains’ do I  find ‘driven’ in some way? (Not just ‘there’ to oppose the ‘hero[es]’ for the sake of conflict?)

Viper from “The Wolverine”: “A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist, a mutation. A Viper. (Note: FOX just took the name of a Marvel Supervillainess; she very different from the comics.)

Marvel Movie ‘Villains’: Red Skull. Arnim Zola. Alexander Pierce. Ultron. Loki. Justin Hammer. Ivan Vanko. Darren Cross. Adrian Toomes. 


“HeroClix: “Ebb & Flow” (v1.1)

A lot of threads over on HCRealms popping up with the theme of “good-bye”. Such threads appear frequently. Seems like more so than usual. Some contain complaints by other posters, criticizing NECA as using WizKids to “run their licenses into the ground” by oversaturating the market with a glut of product.

Singling out one of those threads:

Posts numbered 16, 17, 24, 36 and 40 get to the heart of it for me.

I occasionally mull over how much I’ve spent on this hobby, versus how much “fun”/enjoyment I’m getting out of it. I do get a lot of fun out of it. Just keeping up with Marvel and DC Comics releases has me reconsidering (yet again) how much I’m spending, why, and on what. The “why” is the easiest: HeroClix is a great game, and I love the superhero comics genre licenses the most.

The contrast between “how much” and “on what” is what’s getting to me. Have told myself for the past 3 to 4 years I need to change my purchasing habits. Focus. I’m currently pre-paid up on less expensive “bulk”, “early bird specials” through the late 2014 DC Comics HeroClix release, THE FLASH.

I’ve never been what gets called a “Completionist” collector of the game. Pater used to be, “Get all the REV/U’s. The LE’s [Limited Edition] and ‘chases’ are outliers, ‘targets of opportunity’, if the price is right or you get lucky and pull one from a booster.” That held mostly complete with the “paradigm shift” to the “Character Card Era” and its CUR/SR rarity scheme. Collect Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Super-Rares of a set; LE’s and “chases” don’t matter. But, then we start getting “Countertop Display”/”Gravity Feed” sets, and Fast Forces, the “TabApp” stuff, the “Storyline Organized Play Only” sets (FEAR ITSELF, WAR OF LIGHT), the “rarity scheme straddling” Primes,… My “back is broken”.

Told myself before: “Focus only on the Marvel Comics stuff. You’ve always been more Marvel than DC.” So, as of next year, no longer pre-ordering DC Comics HeroClix, *except* Fast Forces that interest me. From there, snag available DC Comics supervillains as “singles” from “secondary market sources”. Sorry, WizKids, that’s the way it has to be. Frankly, if I’d spent less on DC stuff, would have bought more Marvel stuff. Example: I shouldn’t have bought so much TEEN TITANS boosters. That hurt my WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN purchases. Weird result: Have every TT team base, not every WXM team base. Guess which ones I wanted in my collection more.

With the “oversaturation of product”, also considering paring down DC pieces in my collection. Stuff I’d hung on to even after the “Character Card Era” began, even as the “power creep” made them more “outdated”, out of this weird sense of “history/nostalgia”. Am still likely to keep all the Marvel stuff. But the DC sets of old? COSMIC JUSTICE, and the like? Select pieces will stay, the rest will be culled.

But how? Selling, but most likely not on eBay. I really need to study the “trading” forums.

From there, “bundling”. I think I could present some decent deals if I just sold in “lots”. All the green Lantern related pieces — from various sets over 10+ years — might sell, if bundled, for $20 (plus buyer paying shipping; U.S. customers only). Same for Legion of Super-Heroes. Same for JLA. Even Batman stuff.

Keeping: Well, supervillains. Always useful. And have no problem sending Marvel’s Captain America and some of his allies up against DC Comics’ Joker and his lackeys, or the Legion of Doom, or the Fearsome Five, or the Legion of Super-Villains, and so on.

The only DC Comics HeroClix I’ll most likely “auto-buy” will be Fast Forces. The recent LEGION OF DOOM pack was right up my alley. WizKids: Keep doing that.

Marvel Purchases? Most likely will buy a case more of the regular sets. Will still buy Fast Forces. Am on the fence concerning CTD/GFs, though. “Dilution,” that’s how the CTD/GFs tied to the “main booster expansions” come off to me. So, If a set is *only* available via CTD/GF (like the Marvel 10th Anniversary set), then, yeah, I’ll buy the CTD/GF. Fast Forces? Absolutely.

Still staying away from the “movie sets”, though, unless it’s Captain America. Only regret about skipping THOR: THE DARK WORLD “movie set” was that I didn’t even by the Fast Forces/Starter.

Yeah. Sounds like a plan.

Snag: Most of my collection is in my rented storage locker. Makes thing a wee bit more difficult.