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2016 HeroClix-Size-Chart


HeroClix “Core Rules” Evolution: “STOP” & “Optional Traits” (v1.2)

EDIT: Looks like they added one more article todayDesign Insight: Optional Traits, expanding a rather “Tailored Feat” kind of effect. It’s wonderful stuff. Post from earlier today continues below.

WizKids posts reveals latest ‘key term’: STOP. This comes on the heels of the latest Marvel HeroClix UNCANNY X-MEN preview for Emma Frost Very “pro” the addition ‘key terms’ for the HeroClix Core Rules and Powers & Abilities Card. Love their “Design Insight” series: Link.

Archiving the previews —

MV27-UCX-005a-Emma-Frost-1 MV27-UCX-005b-Emma-Frost-1

“Large Cards”

EDIT (2016-02-09): Concerning the griping about the “visible dials” still simmering over on, have to say, I see why some of the gamers are upset about the “loss of mystery” of players not *exactly* knowing what comes next during play, either on your own team’s dials or your opponents.

Liking the idea put forth that the “visible dial” should be kept, but ALL character cards should be “double-sized”, with the “visible dial” inside the fold. The player could use clear card holders or even paperclips to keep an opponent from “accidentally” viewing the dials.

Example of a current “double-sized”, folding character card —

NFAOS Dr. Demonicus

EDIT (2016-02-06): Wow, I didn’t realize this “visible dial” thing had caused such a kerfuffle over on — — and —

All the “visible dial” thing is to me is to help streamline tracking the game during play. I can understand some players’ “loss of mystery” of not knowing what comes next. I guess playing some of these game app on my mobile device, being able to check out how badly hurt your adversary is, yet still keeping in mind being “wounded” may not equal “no longer dangerous”…. I guess I don’t see what the fuss is about “visible dials”?

UPDATE (2016-02-05): Looks like they just did a redesign of the “visible dial” all ready…
Either way, love the new concept.


HeroClix Design Insight – HeroClix by Wizkids Games:

Not only do I love these Design Insight articles, not only am I looking forward to these new maps, but I absolutely frakking love the character card redesign (tentative) with the “visible dial”.

Dear WizKids: Please, please, please, begin redesigning and re-issuing cards for older sets.
Or allow HCREALMS to do it.
Have said before I’d like some sort of app for the same. “Subscription service”, regular in-app donations to help game design crank out such new cards.


EDIT (2016-02-05): Looks like I missed this annoucement as well  —


Wow, WizKids is really a huge player now.

So, “HeroClix Online”… Given the success of D3 Go!’s “Marvel PuzzleQuest” (a 2D “Match-3” RPG), has WizKids considered a mobile app of HeroClix? Limited character selection, 2D, character designs only found within the app? But using maps available in the tabletop game? Maybe using its own character designs? All about teaching the game.

Could go hand-in-hand with a “subscription service” for design and release of character cards, as well as rules app (replaces the existing HeroClix Rules app by Fifth Floor Studio), inventory program (replacing HC Manager app by IndomitableSoft, and/or the UNITS section), and a tabel top map-based “line-of-fire sandbox” (LoFA app) by Jason Herrick)?

HeroClix Wish-List: “Token Packs” (v1.2)


Don’t know who made the suggestion to WizKids that “poker chip-sized action tokens with pictures of your favorite Marvel characters on them” were a great idea, but God bless them. Loving mine. And whoever made the suggestion to *NOT* sell them in “Starter Packs” is also a genius.

Opinion: Starter Packs/Sets as some sort of “all-in-one” should die.
Opinion: Keep doing the two-character Quick-Start Kits; non-blind, two clix characters with character cards, mini-map? Perfect.
Opinion: Dice & Tokens Packs? With the poker chip-sized tokens having pictures of popular characters on one side and a cool symbol on the other, for use as an action token during gameplay? Packaged with a pair of themed dice? Excellent. Keep popping out one or two of these a year, please.
Opinion: I think I posted about this back when the AVG Starters gave us the first poker-tokens, but I think it would be cool to get Object Tokens and Terrain Markers done the same way. One pack per year of each of the following packs: (1) Object Token Pack, containing one Ultra-Light, two Light, two Heavy, and one Ultra-Heavy tokens (either with pictures of different objects on each side, or the HeroClix logo, so they can pull double-duty as Action Tokens); (2) Special Object Token Pack, full of fun, theme-y tokens; (3) Terrain Marker Pack, standard Hindering, Barrier, Water, Rubble, and *Special* markers; (4) Special Terrain Markers (let the possibilities boggle your noodle for awhile).
Opinion: WizKids’ Rules Forum? Needs to become a “living rulebook” and “living character gallery”.

I’ve talked about that last one before, tossed out various ideas. It’s worth tossing out some more ideas for. Later.

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