“Corvus, Jackdaw, & Rook”

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EDIT: Below, originally posted 2018-12-30 @ 14:07 EST:

The Rook & Pawn, a “Board Game Cafe”: http://www.therookandpawn.com/

Love the name of this place, love the concept of this place.

I stumbled across it by googling names at random, to see what already exists.

I’m a lowly blue-collar tax-paying shlub. Listening to “This American Life” show this morning about libraries revived an old dream of sorts: of owning and operating my own combination “pub/chess/HeroClix shop”.

I was thinking of the name and symbol of such a pub/shop. Been thinking of “Rooks”, both the chess piece and the bird, incorporating both into a logo.

Anyway, name variant of “rook and pawn” crept into my head, so I had to Google it, because it sounded too good to not exist already as a name. And, well, it exists. Very cool.

Sidebar: there’s already a local game/comics shop named “Infinite Monkey”, but had also toyed with names like “Atomic Monkey” (because logos started appearing for it in my mind’s eye), but there’s one of those out there, too.

Chess/Pub: I often look at some of the stuff my more “maker/hacker” coworkers like to do with 3D printers and freeware like TinkerCAD, and it gets me dreaming about the Chess/HeroClix/Pub idea, and having a side business within in, involving servers, 3D printers, and paid-interns from the local community college to design and print custom chess pieces/armies.

Of holding tournaments, for both what I call “20th Century Chess” (or “Chess 20c”) and tournaments using Sirlin Games “Chess 2: The Sequel” rules (which I think of as “Chess 21c” or “21st Century Chess”).

Disclosure: been a fan of chess since my Dad taught me as a kid. But I suck at it. I also suck at HeroClix. Love it, too.

EDIT: I don’t miss being single. I’m blessed, lucky, to have found my Love, my fiance, whom I’ll be marrying very, very soon. [EDIT (2019-01-22): And as of 2019-01-01, she became my Wife. 🙂 ]

I do miss the “game room” I had set up while I was single and living completely alone. It was my “Den”, my “man-cave”, my “Sanctum Sanctorum”, my “Citadel Dominion”, a place of my own, where I had the Time & Space where I could engage some sort of hybridized low-brow intellectual and artistic pursuits: PBS, NPR, Joseph Campbell, post-industrial superhero mythomanes, philosophaster of my own plane.

I guess with the idea of a business, of a Pub that also sells Chess paraphernalia and HeroClix, that I’d have a secure place to Pursue Life, Liberty, & Happiness with some “regular familiar strangers” as well.

Probably a terrible idea, though.

EDIT II: Hmmmm,…. “Jackdaw & Rook”??

(Yeah, I don’t know why I have a fascination with Raven-like birds either. My fascinations with monkeys, apes, turtles, octopi, and cuttlefish are at least a bit more “mainstream”. They’d probably conjure better names and symbols as well…)

EDIT II: Went down to N.C. with my fiance. While there, visited a game store called “Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne”. Made it sound like a law firm.

Maybe “Corvus, Jackdaw, & Rook”? People might think it’s a specialty pet store or something, tho.


Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld| HeroClix

Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars – Battleworld Unboxing Videos | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/09/24/new-marvel-heroclix-secret-wars-battleworld-unboxing-videos/

I bought my “usual” [Marvel HeroClix] purchase when this came out: 2 cases of boosters, 2 Fast Forces, 2 Dice & Yoken packs.

All unopened. Life. Older I get, less time I seem to have.

Still, great game, love of the concept, so I keep buying, supporting it with my after-tax, after-living-expenses dollars.

Love this stuff.

EDIT: Finally, Serpent Society member, Bushmaster!

HeroClix Wish-List: “Incredibles!”

So, weekend of June 16th, the long-awaited sequel to the original “The Incredibles” movie came out, “The Incredibles 2”. My Fiance had never seen the original, so we bought it on Netflix and watched it that weekend. She said she liked it, and enjoyed it. Yay!

Last weekend, weekend of June 23rd, she indulged my sci-fi/superhero nerdy-obsession: we saw “The Incredibles 2”! I’m a very lucky dork.

We both enjoyed it, by the way. Good stuff, a lot if fun. In a way, I compare it — in one way — with the more-recent Marvel movies, volumes 1 and 2 of “Guardians of the Galaxy”. In what way? As a kind if two-part “origin story”. Which will hopefully lead to more stories with these beloved characters, new challenges, new developments, new adventures, new worlds to explore.

Anyway, this post is a HeroClix Wish-List post. Done this once before, covering the original movie. A lot has changed in the game since I last wish-listed them. Rules have improved, game design overall and character dial design in particular has evolved continually, and character selection has become incredibly diverse. Playing and collecting this game is a fun, wonderful experience.

Since I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie”, this Wish-List will be drawing inspiration largelt from the Marvel HeroClix sets: THE MIGHTY THOR; AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR; AVENGERS INFINITY.


EDIT (2018-07-01]: Sorry this is taking so long, “real life” gets in the way. I’ll start with listing “predictable” stuff first, hopefully as time marches on and the list gets revised the ideas will get better…

  • “Civilian Alter Egos”: Basically, redesign and reintroduce the Alter Ego (in a way that the language can be retrofitted back onto existing Alter Ego empowered HeroClix characters of past sets), maybe incorporating STOP click special power type of effects. Then, put them on “civilian” versions of Robert Parr, Helen Parr, Lucius Best, Violet Parr, Dashell Parr. These versions of the characters would be Unique-ringed Super Rares. Traited Shape Change.
  • Mr. Incredible: Basic power set: Super strength, suite of damage reducers. Need versions for Common, Uncommon, and Rare rarity levels. Common: 1st movie, orange/black costume, “super-dad”, keyword-based Perplex when within so many squares of Frozone and other Incredibles. Uncommon: 1st movie, blue/black “golden age” version; some sort “danger sense” (may be reflected with Energy Shield/Deflection, or Defend, or some combination of the two). Rare: 2nd movie, orange/black supersuit, stronger keyword-based ally-proximity-based special effects.
  • Elasti-Girl
  • Violet
  • Dash
  • Jack-Jack
  • Frozone
  • Edna Mode: Unique, Super-Rare
  • Rick Dicker: Unique, Super-Rare
  • Syndrome
  • Syndrome Mercenary
  • Syndrome Agent/Mirage
  • Omnidroid Mk I
  • Omnidroid Mk II
  • Omnidroid Mk III
  • Omnidroid Mk IV
  • Gazerbeam
  • Gamma Jack
  • Thunderhead
  • Brick
  • Krushhauser
  • Void
  • Screenslaver
  • Vechicle: Syndrome Hoverblade
  • Vehicle: Incredibile
  • Vehicle: Mohawk (mentioned in Incredibles 2, not seen)
  • Vehicle: Elasti-Cycle
  • Vehicle: Snogg’s Jet
  • Vehicle: Underminer’s Drill (Colossal)
  • Vehicle: Underminer’s Drill (Giant)
  • **more to follow**

DC Comics HeroClix: “Batman: The Animated Series” Set Previews| HeroClix

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series Previews! | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/06/27/dc-comics-heroclix-batman-the-animated-series-previews/


(EDIT: Originally posted on 2018-06-15):

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series Pre-Release | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/dc-comics-heroclix-batman-the-animated-series-pre-release/

Looking forward to this. Brings back great memories of the TV series.

As long as they’re including characters from the “Batman Beyond” series, I hope we get the Dee-Dee Twins….

Also: I hope WizKids makes a set based on another DC Comics’ animated series: “Justice League Unlimited”!

Really want a new Vigilante.

And finally see a Longshadow clix, preferably as a colossal figure.)

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity | HeroClix

EDIT: This post will be frequently revised and re-posted.

NEW! Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity Unboxing Videos | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/04/16/new-marvel-heroclix-avengers-infinity-unboxing-videos/

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/04/09/marvel-heroclix-marvel-avengers-infinity-previews/

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity Pre-Release | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/marvel-heroclix-avengers-infinity-pre-release/








Marvel HeroClix: Marvel Avengers Infinity Previews! | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/04/09/marvel-heroclix-marvel-avengers-infinity-previews/

World Championships Update! [With Previews!]| HeroClix

World Championships Update! | HeroClixhttps://wizkids.com/heroclix/2018/05/14/world-championships-update/

A new STARRO! And more “Starrophyte Minions”! Never thought I’d see WizKids produce another, very cool.

Love that “Bat-Bot” as well, not familiar with the storyline, very cool.

*sigh* more to “chase” after….



[HC&GG] Due out around 2017-11-15, just in time for the Holiday Buying Season (Yay, Christmas-Capitalism)!

FIRST LOOK: WizKids DC HeroClix Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls – Poison Ivy, Supergirl, & Wonder Woman | Figures.com: http://www.figures.com/2017/11/01/first-look-wizkids-dc-heroclix-harley-quinn-the-gotham-girls-poison-ivy-supergirl-wonder-woman/


Well,…. FX’ season premiere of AHS has been weirder than usual*.

*(good thing)

EDIT: Question: Why aren’t clown allowed to be goofy or funny anymore?

(….. Really hope WizKids can some day make a HeroClix set based on Kurt Busiek’s ‘Astro City’. Could use the clown-themed hero Jack-in-the-Box….)

EDIT II: “HONC”! Hilarious!

EDIT III: From NPR News: Professor: 37 Historic Dictionaries Disagree With Trump’s Definition of ‘Emolument’ http://n.pr/2iPznk9


Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor Previews Continued!: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/03/marvel-heroclix-the-mighty-thor-previews/

DESIGN INSIGHT: NEW [2017] EQUIPMENT RULES m|HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/07/design-insight-new-equipment-rules/

Whoa! Very cool. I wonder what the marketing “customer behavioral” angle is to selling the ‘generic’ equipment packaged inside Super-Boosters that will undoubtedly have ‘specific/named’ Colosal characters…?

Anyway, cool!


2017-08-04: Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor Previews Begin — Hatut Zeraze!

Watch this page!: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/03/marvel-heroclix-the-mighty-thor-previews/

The ‘Hatut Zeraze’! (‘Generic.’ They used to be the Wakandan Secret Police, until outlawed as a organization.)

2017-08-09: Adding to this post, Korg the Kronan!


Posted to this blog on 2017-08-02: Link to WizKids’ product info-page for Marvel HeroClix THE MIGHTY THOR booster expansion set: marvel-heroclix-the-mighty-thor

Yesssss. “Colossal Boosters.” “New weapons.” Looks like some never-before-clixed characters as well.

WizKids HeroClix:|Undead|

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Dr. Jekyll | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/24/wizkids-heroclix-undead-dr-jekyll/

“Wild Dial”!

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Death: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/22/wizkids-heroclix-undead-death/

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Zombie Horde Themed Team | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/18/wizkids-heroclix-undead-zombie-horde-themed-team/

“ZOMBIE ABRAHAM LINCOLN” = awesome sauce. Very, weirdly cool.

WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Skeletons | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/17/wizkids-heroclix-undead-skeletons/

2017-08-15: WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/14/wizkids-heroclix-undead-dr-frankenstein-and-frankensteins-monster/

1) LOVE these!

2) As a fan of the original novel, which i read for the first of 5 times way back in college, circa 1990, these versions are stylized versions of the Universal movies of the 1930’s. NOT really reflective of the novel of the early 1800’s.

(SIDEBAR: Given the advances of motion capture and digital animation — from Ang Lee’s “HULK” to Cameron’s “Avatar” to the LotR and new Planet of the Apea movies — would love to see a movie or TV mini-series play it straight, give us a great version of the original novel.)


2017-08-08: WizKids HeroClix: Undead – Jacob Marley | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/08/08/wizkids-heroclix-undead-jacob-marley/


WizKids HeroClix:|Undead|: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/wizkids-heroclix-undead/


Kind of a Big Deal: Supreme Intelligence – HeroClix Realms


SaturnFlight sez: …sometimes, attack and defense values need to represent threat.

Whether we’re talking about HeroClix or superhero genre fiction, rings true to me. A “villain” or “supervillain” is more than a simple rival or antagonist. They are Threats, whose goals and/or activities endanger civilians and “society”, and our intrepid Heroes, in the nadir; to advancement of Human Civilization in the median; to the existence of the Multiverse at their zenith. With many degrees, many phases in between.

Anyway, great article, IMO.

Edit: To be clear, i don’t mean — totally DO NOT MEAN — villains should be cartoonishly simplistic. 

Having finally gotten my girlfriend to go to a showing of “War for the Planet of the Apes” yesterday, one of the things I like about it is the degree to which the ‘antagonists’ believe in what they are doing, have their own thpughts about how the world is, how it works, and what they need to do to not only survive, but creating conditions that will enable them to thrive. From Colonel McCullough to his dutiful-but-conflicted soldier Preacher to the “donkey” Red, they are excellently crafted ‘antagonists’, villains.

But, this blog tends to focus on superhero genres stuff, especially movies. So, what ‘villains/supervillains’ do I  find ‘driven’ in some way? (Not just ‘there’ to oppose the ‘hero[es]’ for the sake of conflict?)

Viper from “The Wolverine”: “A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist, a mutation. A Viper. (Note: FOX just took the name of a Marvel Supervillainess; she very different from the comics.)

Marvel Movie ‘Villains’: Red Skull. Arnim Zola. Alexander Pierce. Ultron. Loki. Justin Hammer. Ivan Vanko. Darren Cross. Adrian Toomes. 

“Yes, but what about ‘HeroClix Dinosaurs’?”

Above is a photo I took back in 2010. I was living on my own, and where I  was living was roomy enough that I set up a “game room”. It was dominated by HeroClix. 

In the picture (which I’d posted to this blog at one point), I’d taken some extra Marvel and DC HeroClix dials, cut off the sculpts, then removed the sculptures from some of WizKids’ HorrorClix “The Lab” set’s Velociraptors I’d managed to get, and glued them to the bases; made my own HeroClix-compatible “mods”. Still have them.

Why bring this up? 

Well, WizKids has been flirting with the idea of making a set or two of HeroClix figures with in-house ideas, rather than relying on official licenses, as they do when using characters from Marvel comics and movies, DC comics and movies, various videogames, et cetera. 

Looks like one idea will hit games and comics shops soon: HeroClix “UNDEAD”. 

I’m excited. In a way that other attempts, like reviving its “MageKnight” brand (the game that gave WizKids its start, which lead to HeroClix) hasn’t been able to do.

UNDEAD looks to be a smaller number of chatacters, “generic” (mostly), in single figure ‘foil packs’. Sounds perfect. 

Why? Sounds like it will be completely compatible with HeroClix, which provides thematic adversaries for our Heroes in HeroClix to combat. The superhero genre is such a mash-up of genres — sci-fi, cosmic/space opera, magic, fantasy, pulp crime, horror, et cetera — it makes sense and provides more options for players. 

Sidenote: I do hope WizKids keeps licenses to continue to produce at least the Marvel characters, but have to admit, the current pace of Marvel and DC releases is crushing to keep up with, and despite never-before-clixed characters finally seeing the light of day and some wonderful dial design, it also feels “diluted”, with so many versions of the same ‘marquee’ characters showing up every year. (And certain characters caught in licensing limbo, like Marvel’s Fantastic Four, making no appearances at all due to legal rights battles.)

Would love to see some other “generics” see publishing as HeroClix, given the “UNDEAD treatment”, so to speak. The old HorrorClix line’s “The Lab” set was chock-full of mad scientists, clones, aliens, cat-people, lizard-people, insect-people, mutates, dinosaurs, robots, apes, and even haunted spacesuits. Theme-y fun.

EDIT: ChessClix, an idea I’ve wanted to see for awhile: do-able as a foil-pack gravity feed set? Had alway imagined them as 100% compatible with HeroClix, just with a “rulez overlay” for playing pieces as thier own game, as “ChessClix”. 


DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds – Green Lantern Strategy | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/07/19/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-green-lantern-strategy/

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds – Wonder Woman | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/07/17/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-skyscraper-wonder-woman/

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds – Hourman | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/07/13/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-hourman/

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds – Batman | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/07/10/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-batman/

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds – Green Arrow | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/07/07/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-green-arrow/

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds- The Flying Batman | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/07/05/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-the-flying-batman/

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds – King Aquaman | HeroClix:


The Drummer: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/06/29/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-the-drummer/

Colonel Wayne: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/06/27/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-colonel-wayne/

The Flash: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/06/23/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-the-flash/

Diana Prince: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/06/20/dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-diana_prince/

NEW[-ish]! DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds Unboxing Videos | HeroClix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/06/26/new-dc-comics-heroclix-elseworlds-unboxing-videos/