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[Plenty of problems left on Mother Earth to solve still…. ]

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From NPR News: 17 People Died In The Parkland Shooting. Here Are Their Names


“Labor Day Potpourri”

BACKSTORY: “Death Before Dishonor”: Shame & Reputation in American History

BACKSTORY: “Let’s Make Up”: Reconciliation & Its Limits

BACKSTORY: “Skin Deep”: Whiteness in America [EDIT: If you listen to nothing else, please listen to ‘Scene on Radio’: “Seeing White”, Part 3: Does an excellent job of showing how ‘organically’ yet deliberately the “systems of advantage” that slavery and “white supremacy” came abut and evolved, first in Colonial times, thru the American Revolution, into the American Civil War, then morphing into ‘Jim Crow’ and other socioeconomic stratafications. IMO.]

BACKSTORY: “Color Lines”: ‘Racial Passing’ in America

BACKSTORY: “Guns V. Speech”: When Protesters Are Armed

BACKSTORY: “Contested Landscape”: The Battle Over Confederate Monuments (2017-06-16 Updated)

BACKSTORY: “Contested Landscape”: Confederate Symbols in America (2015-11-20 Original)

BACKSTORY: “A More Perfect Union?”: The Reconstruction Era

Measuring Worth: Slavery

BACKSTORY: “Tyrannophobia”: The Uses & Abuses of Executive Power

 EDIT II (2017-09-04): My perspective as a working-class tax-paying voter: whether we’re talking trides in the ancient world enslaving captives of other tribes, or “kings and clergy” of later periods, or companies and corporations fight to secure places of market dominance thru monopolies, it seems that humanity has an instinct toward creation of ‘systems of advantage’. Seems to me it indicates the importance of figuring out and implementing counter-balancing systems of morality, ethics, and ‘checks & balances’.

Seems to me that systems of peonage, serfdom, and slavery eventually produced extreme counters that are proving too radical and unrealistic, among them are Commumism, Socialism, Libertarianism, and ‘Originalist Conservatism’, among others.