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Not a fan o the ‘alien symbiotes’ but this looks fun.


Ret-Con: Hulk (MV HC IC 2002 REV/LE) (v1.2)

Ret-Con Trait IC HulksHomemade “Ret-Con Trait”: “Savage Cunning” If this character is the only one on your force with this name and set symbol, it may use the following abilities: When Battle Fury isn’t showing on its dial and it is not on its starting click, this character may use Super Senses and Close Combat Expert, but can’t use Close Combat Expert to modify its damage value when holding an object. This character may use the Colossal Stamina ability.


Intent: Not that these versions needed *too much help*, but the statistical combat values were showing their age. So, a highly conditional “Ret-Con Trait”. Trying to show how Hulk can fight rather brilliantly, sometimes “underhandedly” while he’s not yet fully enraged and really tearing up the landscape.

(Speaking of “tearing up the landscape”, I wonder if WizKids Design Team has taken a look at the old Fin Fang Foom colossal figure, for some inspiration for some recent or future Hulk designs…?)

Marvel HeroClix “ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con (WEB OF SPIDER-MAN, 2010): The U-Foes! (v1.1)

The U-Foes! “Fantastic Four wannabes.” Still, kinda cool. We have them in playable form in HeroClix, but we could use some new versions, sure. I’d buy ’em.

U-Foes RThunderbolts

Main “want” that I’d like to see in new versions: That they each have “multiple starting lines” designs that allow them to be played in some configuration with their previous versions as a 300-point team; as a 300-point team on their own; and as a 400-point team. Need to take that “U-Foes” ATA into account, just as before.

WSM U-Foes stats

Not sure what I’d want to see in new versions, except for Vapor. She needs a variation on the use of Smoke Cloud that incorporates a Poison effect, somehow, maybe similar to CW015 Ant-Man’s “Ant Swarm” special power.

WSM060 Vapor HCHandbook

Maybe Ironclad as well: Depending on the creative team, he’s been depicted as altering his mass (increasing it while not increasing his volume, pinning down the Hulk temporarily), supposedly his density (apparently to float; can’t find the issue he supposedly did this in), and sometimes appearing really large, practically Giant-sized (maybe it’s just the artwork).

WSM016 Ironclad HCHandbook

WSM032 Vector HCHandbook

WSM048 X-Ray HCHandbookA few “Ret-Cons” imbedded into the pictures.


Ret-Con: The Leader (XP#090; v3.3)

EDIT (08 APR 2014): (1) Extensive re-write; (2) collages added; (3) “pulling forward in time”. First posted way, way back on 19 JUN 2011. A lot of changes major and minor to the game, not only since this character was introduced to the game (Marvel HeroClix XPLOSION, 2003) but also since this post in 2011.

Sidenote: I had started some months ago to move “Ret-Cons” off of the main blog, onto individual separate pages. Not sure I like that enough to continue. Thinking most of them should get some revisions anyway. And planning to do some newer “Ret-Cons” for older characters anyway.

The Leader! Ain’t it something the way radiation/radioactive waste works in the “narrative universe” of Marvel Comics? Out here in the Real World, you get caught in a Gamma Ray Bomb ™ explosion (if they were to exist), you’ll die a painful, lingering death from that radiation exposure. In the Marvel Universe, though? It’s better than a Cialis/Modafinil cocktail, my friend. In the case of “The Leader”, he went from a “low-IQ” minimum wage janitor to hyper-intelligent delusional would-be world conqueror.

As was the way of comics at the time he first appeared in 1964, what with the focus on action and shaky plots, he got his ass handed to him on a fairly frequent basis by the [Incredible] Hulk. As with MODOK and Doctor Octopus, it’s taken decades for writers to really start making such cool concept villains with strange appearances or names “scary”, seem like real threats, both to our heroes and the populace of the worlds they live in.

His first appearance in the game of completely sucked, even at the time. I don’t even want to get into it. So, just going to post the “Ret-Con Collage” I made for him (“Ret-Con Trait” imbedded into it), and an extra collage of all the much cooler designs that we’ve recieved since this one.

Enjoy. YMMV.

Ret-Con XP090 The Leader

HC The Leader -traditional- Mash

Wish-List: Xemnu the Titan (v2.7)

EDIT (06 JAN 2013):  Well, here we go again! Pulled another old post “forward in time”. First posted 12 AUG 2011. Reworking it, reposting it, adding a “collage”.

With the up-coming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set, WizKids looks to have a very strong “Marvel Horror” sub-theme for the set. Strong enough that my hopes for a full-on “Marvel Monsters” themed set may be dashed. Nevertheless, going to roll my hopes of seeing more of the “Atlas Era” Marvel Monsters — maybe some “Timely Era” creatures as well — up with a “Supervillains” themed set. Anything is possible.

I don’t know about the DC Comics properties WizKids/NECA has access to, but Marvel has always been rife with the “monstrous” and “inhuman” and “unearthly”. Plenty of creaky old concepts awaiting new life in the form of little click-y miniatures game pieces! Seriously. You seen the Shuma-Gorath Colossal 2013 Convention Exclusive they teased us with during the “12 Days of Clix-Mas” promos? Anything. Is. Possible.

But, maybe not this year for Xemnu. WizKids ran a “people’s choice” voting kinda thing late in 2012 where fans of the game got to choose one Marvel character among a dozen to appear in a set in 2013. Xemnu the Titan was up, I voted, and he was out of the running after the first round. *sigh* Ah, well.


Xemnu the Titan!  Another weird character for my “Monster & Villains” dream set (one of many dream sets; not a single “category” yet, if you’re looking). Timely/Atlas/Marvel Comics was and is great at recycling ideas until they hit upon the concept that will stick. They used the name “The Hulk” several times during the 1950’s in the monster comics until they hit upon the gray-then-green man-monster in the 1960’s, the green goliath that we know so well today as “The Incredible Hulk”. Why, there was even a monster that appeared in an issue of Journey into Mystery that looked a lot like a brown-furred Xemnu that used the name.

He’s an extraterrestrial alien. Like many of the 1950’s alien monstrosities, he may or may not be the last of his race. He is immensely powerful; it’s unclear how powerful the individuals of his species were, whether or not he’s an anomaly among his species or an average specimen.


  • One of those things about comic book art: “Size Fluctuation.” Some times shown around 10-feet tall, 15-feet tall, 20 feet, sometimes even larger. And, of course, not only did he used to be brown in color, he used to have “metal bits”; it was unclear if they were tech/tools of unknown utility, or bits of armor, or cyborg implants. In most modern appearances (1970’s and forward) he usually doesn’t have them. FYI: I like the look of him *with* the tech.
  • Assuming they can get the scale close, he needs to be a Giant, at least.  300-points spot-on.  Maybe multiple starting lines. Non-Unique?  Would like to see him on a 2×2 multi-base.
  • “Removable/Detachable Object” mechanic?  Thinking about one of his “Atmos-Spheres” transport-bubble-thingies as a “Removable/Detachable Object”. Needs to be able to carry multiple characters without penalty.  Basically, the “Atmos-Spheres” would allow use of Flight and Carry combat abilities, with maybe a replacement speed value OR Carrying multiple characters with his normal speed value?
  • Other than that, he’s kinda like an alien mish-mash of the Hulk and The Leader; Hulk-level strength and durability, Leader-like super-intelligence and psionic abilities.
  • Mind Control, Force Blast, and Penetrating/Psychic Blast, obviously.
  • “Mento-Blast” Special Power, maybe? Like some of the “Repulsor”-style special powers, it would be a ranged combat attack with a knock back effect, maybe regardless of whether or not the target takes damage, and possibly circumventing any “knock back immunities” the target may have?
  • Maybe a “psionic pulse wave incapacitate” effect to put a bunch of characters “to sleep” at once?  Hmm, maybe.
  • Or ‘just’ elimination of Mind Control feedback damage?  That’s getting over-done lately, in my opinion, the cancellation of “Mind Control feedback damage”. Maybe just a higher threshold, only taking damage for every 200-points or more? Or, maybe being able to circumvent a target’s Battle Fury or other special “anti-Mind Control” effects?
  • Monster keyword.
  • Physical: The usual range of damage reducing powers, plus Super Strength, just as with the usual “bricks”. Nothing inspiring there.
  • He has “hypnosis powers”, but I’m not sure how to represent that beyond the standard Mind Control. Possible source of inspiration: Psycho-Man from SECRET INVASION.
  • “She-Xemnu”. What’s that? Well, he did it to She-Hulk once, made her “furry”. (*snicker*) See, I’d never read any of Xemnu’s Golden Age or 1970’s Defenders appearances. I’d read about him in a Marvel Handbook, and first encountered him in John Byrne’s Sensational She-Hulk series. It might be interesting if Xemnu had some sort of special power like {Deadly} Nightshade’s “Werewolf Serum” or Hugo Strange’s “Monster Men Serum”?

….. Hmmm. That’s all I can think of for now.