Trump visits Ohio to tout $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan – The Blade:

MARKETPLACE: 03/29/2018: Trump pushes his stalled infrastructure plan:

[Still not understanding how all the infrastructure and military modernization we need will be paid for.]

[Meanwhile, on the “Defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic” front–]

From NPR News: As Atlanta Seeks To Restore Services, Ransomware Attacks Are On The Rise


ObamaCare & Infrastructure Banks (Rev1.3)

Upfront: I’m a blue-collar guy, shovelling my opinions onto the pile.

ObamaCare: Hope they keep the individual requirement for insurance, but also intro a public option, paid thru payroll taxes (maybe a baseline “everyone has Medicare, and may have additional insurance, including a Health Savings Account” plan).

Hope they keep the keep the requirement that health insurers can’t refuse coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

Hope they keep the ability for kids upto age 25 still taking college or vocational classes to stay on parents insurance (and, back to MediCare, pre-natal and post-natal care for women [it’s important for civilization to replenish our numbers, and care for our kids and our Baby-Makers]).

[EDIT: I hope Health Savings Account banks could also help finance health-science and medical research. Thus, the following comments concerning the internet –]

Hope we can expand and reinforce the security of the internet to allow for a national ID card system. It’s important to help secure individual rights, by way of securing each individual’s identity. And begin recording an individual’s data and establish better law on who can access that information, how much that can be accessed, why/under what conditions, and penalties for abuse. Most worry about the government knowing too much or mishandling info, yet don’t think about profit-driven business doing the same thing for marketing purposes. Or about how information could help scientific research, especially for advancing medicine.

A ‘national ID system’ could also make ‘illegal immigration’ irrelevant. If you’re in this country and over 14 years old, you get an ID card. We’ll be able to tell who’s a citizen, who’s not, but still allow people to work and pay taxes into the system. If you’re not a citizen, you’re still paying taxes, although you may not qualify for many benefits; but you’re still paying into the system. Coast with that, or try to become a citizen – legally. But, please, continue working, being productive.

A huge thing is also transportation infrastructure: our current system doesn’t allow low-wage workers (that business craves) to migrant from locale to locale for temp work, or even long-term low wage work. We make living very expensive. Housing, necessary utilities (like sanitation and heat, let alone information/communication),transportation, education/vocational training.

Infrastructure banking may help. Depends.

C.I.O. & Infrastructure (v1.2)

From NPR News: U.S. Chief Information Officer Seeks To Upgrade Government’s Computers

Personally, my definition of ‘infrastructure’ is very broad. I consider the nations Information & Communication systems to be infrastructure.

I hope other might find this bit of fun just as informative as I have: You’ve Got Mail – A History of the Post Office {Rebroadcast]

I hope to have the opportunity to comment on this later.