Trump visits Ohio to tout $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan – The Blade:

MARKETPLACE: 03/29/2018: Trump pushes his stalled infrastructure plan:

[Still not understanding how all the infrastructure and military modernization we need will be paid for.]

[Meanwhile, on the “Defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic” front–]

From NPR News: As Atlanta Seeks To Restore Services, Ransomware Attacks Are On The Rise


“Human/Machine Culture”?? germany-miners-and-others-prepare-soft-exit-hard-coal

Scientifically-based, well thought-out, disciplined approached, started years ago. True leadership. Vision tempered with methodic deliberateness. Short-, medium-, long-term benefits.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., all we have are short-sighted, greedy, shallow, posturing bloviators in charge.


American Civilization under the “Sword of Damocles”

From NPR News: 4 Big Intelligence Stories You Missed Amid The Comey Headlines This Week

News from earlier in the week:

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German Defense Minister Launches Probe Into Far-Right Extremism In The Military

Planned Attack Raises Concerns About Far-Right Extremists In The German Military



“Automation Day”

Gotta love NPR’s “1A” program. Good stuff today. “Happy May Day” by the way.

Who’s Looking Out For The American Worker?:

The Great Unknown With Marcus Du Sautoy:

PRX’s “This American Life”
615: “The Beginning of Now”

The ‘Populist Wave’ Trump rode in on, its origins in working-class blue-collar America, Washington, D.C.’s inability to explain what it does and why, economics, automation, and the tide of History. Yay.

NPR’s “Studio360”
“Handmaid in America”

No robots, but class-warfare sci-fi, flirting with genetics.

I want to see “The Handmaid’s Tale”.
Also wanting to rewatch “Orphan Black”, the modern “Battlestar Galactica”, “Gattaca”, “Elysium”,”Ex Machina”, “CHAPPiE”, and scoop up “Humans” and “Black Mirror” while I’m at it…


Ended up pondering “self-driving” vehicles. Thought about the vehicle as property, and all that goes with it: maintenance, fuel, insurance, time and money.

Need the car to get to work to rarn the living to agford the car.

A funny-but-dark thought had me thinking about living in my car, which had me thinking about “home ownership”, and how i really don’t want a house on a plot of land with a lawn. The way the ‘market’ seems to be rigged, you have to own a house on a plot of land with a yard. Apartments are too expensive.

Too bad my pipe-dream self-driving plug-in hybrid car couldn’t also be my “tiny house” that I take to work everyday. Eventually, even such an “RV” has to be parked somewhere, maintained, repaired, cleaned of shit. Have to do laundry, get a decent shower, et cetera.

Got me thinking of how ‘mobile’ jobs and labor are. Taxes, and what they pay for; types of taxes; who pays, how much, and how wisely it’s spent.

Darker reflections about how American society seems to have evolved. People have to either work, or ‘own” the workers. “Slave-masters” begat “robber-barons”, will it lead to “robot masters”? And I don’t mean robot ruling over humans. More like, human using “robots” [physical and/or internet-bot] to control other humans.