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Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Doctor Sun (v1.1)

Doctor Sun! Scientist’s brain, in a jar, on top of a robot body! And to put an even weirder spin on things, a “vampiric angle”: His brain need to be soaked in this concotion of chemicals and fresh blood from time to time. Ick. Medical Doctor, surgeon, inventor. And, considering his planning skills, I’ve always wondered if he was — in part — inspired by Sun-Tzu. As a former member of the Communist Party of China, he’s definitely a more-modern spin on the “Fu Manchu archetype” of villain.

Can’t really say what I’d like to see. If WizKids went with the robot form pictured here, he’d be a physically durable support/utility piece. He’s also, in the comics, managed to “digitize” his consciousness, storing it in computers (Arnim Zola has some competition, it would seem), and managed to stay “hidden in plain sight” for months after taking over one of the Fantastic Four’s robot H.E.R.B.I.E. worker-drones. (Did a “Wish-List” post on them as well. Opportunity for a generic there, with maybe a “Dr. Sun as HERBIE” LE?) Dr. Sun has  specific beef with Dracula, and hates vampires in general.

Food for thought.