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Great to finally see Porcupine! (The various verions of the batttlesuit have a lot of offensive capabilities, though, so i hope they reuse the sculpt and come out with a version with range and other standard powers. I’M NOT COMPLAINING. Thank you, WizKids!)

Also, i forgot to post the GotGv2 preview, and can’t get to WK’s post for some reason, so here’s the character pic —


Wish-List: Porcupine (v5.2)

EDIT (28 APR 2013): Okay, this is another “re-post”, pulling an old “Wish-List” post “forward in time”. Originally posted way, way back on 14 JUN 2010. Updated as new mechanics and game effects entered the game, as rules and powers changed: 10 MAY 2011, 16 JUL 2011, 04 JAN 2012, 25 MAR 2012, and 16 OCT 2012.Replacing one mash-up with a new one. Going to add more suggestions, change some others. WizKids started its 2013 Marvel HeroClix Fan Vote last week, and Porcy is on it! I’m pulling for him. The Porcupine is an “underdog” in this vote, no doubt. porcupine



Porcupine! Weapons designer Alexander Gentry. U.S. Army wasn’t interested in his Nature-inspired battlesuit, so he turned to crime, apparently both for cash and as a way to “advertise” his tech. Started out as a foe of Ant-Man/Giant-Man and the Wasp, but has also fought the Defenders, Iron Man, Captain America, and whole Avengers at various times.  His first ‘battlesuit’, made him look like a fat guy in a gilly-suit and gas mask.  The version pictured on the Cap cover was the latest version of the battlesuit, before he died.  (Impaled on one of his own quills, incidentally.  There are NO subtle ironies in superhero comics.) That issue was the first time I’d ever read about the character. Consequently, i still tend to think of him as a “Cap Foe”, despite his history. There’s been at least one other guy to use the rig, a Roger Gocking [edit: emphasis mine, since I put the wrong name in to begin with]; little info on him.

Gentry: Not the best fighter.  But, he didn’t need to be with that suit’s array of weapons.  The suit was armored (Toughness? maybe even Invulnerability?), and the quills/spines only added to it (Special Power with effect based on the facing of Porcupine?).  He could fire the quills, and — as happens with ‘normal human gimmick villains’ like this — he had different quills for every occasion.  Armor piercing, explosive, acid filled, adhesive-filled (Web/Snare mechanic?), cable-gun, obscuring smoke and toxic gasses (Smoke Cloud? Poison, or Poison-like “grenade” special power?), et cetera.

He’s another of these villains that I think could make an effective lower-point character in HeroClix.  Tougher than most ‘generics’ (able to take down lower-point characters rather easily, maybe two in an action or two), and trouble for most Heroes but maybe not too much trouble.  5 clicks of life, I think.  Point-cost around 35, 40, upper limit 50.

Really hoping we get him.

Recent developments in WizKids’ dial design have further opened up possibilities, specifically the “dual-dial” mechanic that has been used on ‘generics’ starting with the CAPTAIN AMERICA gravity feed/ micro-set .  So, 5 clicks of life would be good for Porcupine, and the dual-dial can offer up 2 different team build options.  One might focus on all of the different ranged options, the other might focus on the armor’s “prickly nature” and basic HeroClix tie-up tactics.

What do I mean by “ranged-focused” versus “prickly tie-up”? Well, let’s start with the Range value on the base of the dial; it should be 4, 5 or 6, one {Bolt}. Next, get that Trait {Star} symbol on the base. Important: The trait changes depending on which one of the “dual-dial/split-dial” stats-sets you choose to run.

Ranged-Focused: The Trait for the “ranged-focused” side can stipulate that he has {Bolt}{Bolt}{Bolt} when using certain powers.  This part of the dial, though, should have absolutely NO Special Powers, just standard/Named powers: Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Toughness, Energy Explosion, maybe, Ranged Combat Expert.  And, hey, Force Blast. In liew of Running Shot, maybe use the new “pink power”, Sidestep (Gentry isn’t the most physically fit engineer to don a high-tech suit to compensate for no mixed martial arts training).

The “Prickly Tie-Up” alternate dial?  Gotta focus on close-in tactics, maybe emphasize “board control” over “mobility”. Well, a Trait might now allow him a +2 to break away for mobility (didn’t want to say “Plasticity” outright, but he has used adhesives. You know, WizKids needs to bring back the “Web” mechanic (that I call “Web/Snare”) from WEB OF SPIDER-MAN back into the game.  Porcupine and Trapster could make good use of it.)  Poison, Toughness, maybe Smoke Cloud, possibly a Special Power version of Pulse Wave that locks his range at 2. And, hey, Force Blast.

I would also like to point out the limited Flight capability has.  Limited enough that he doesn’t deserve the {Wing} symbol (and the Carry ability that comes with it), but maybe an SP (like DC75#031 Batman with the “Paracape” SP, which granted Flight without the Carry). Alternately, Leap/Climb could also adequately represent his “jump jets plus grappling/suction tip cable gun” combo. Not sure he’s adept enough even with his own tech to justify any of the Improved movement abilities. (Could be kinda funny if he qualified for Improved targeting abilities, maybe.)

Not saying that all of the above can be crammed on a 50-point-or-less dual-dial, but there are options as far as representation go. Could the cost be kept down by a dial design that has a lot of powers, but no “runs” — consecutive clicks — of any powers? (Think: The old Joker REV from Legacy, once refered to as the “Joker’s Wild” dials by some fans, back in the day.)

Another interesting twist to keep in mind: His body armor and gas-mask could be justification for an immunity to Poison.  (If WizKids wanted to for-go different Traits for each dual-dial, this could be a good single trait, maybe coupled with Flight for the limited-use jets.)

Just keep him a “cheap, Named B-List” piece.  Better than a generic, a threat to other A- through Z-List named characters. But low-ish point-wise so he can fit on many different teams.

I wonder if he could be an effective piece if we added a “Limitation”? I mean, we can’t justify attack values of 12, 11, or even 10. He’s an expert with his own tech, but has not even really trained himself to fight. He’s just waded into fights, relied heavily on the protection and capabilities of his suit. So, what about giving him a permanently locked attack value of 9, straight down the dial? Brilliant, sure, built a surprisingly good weapons system. But,… Prideful and stubborn, prone to braggadocio. Been on plenty of “teams”, worked for Justin Hammer, but not *that* much of a “team-player”, you know?

Hope we get him.


Wish-List: Dreadknight (v1.2)

Dreadknight! Marvel “super-villain”. Okay, upfront: I’ve never read a story with him in it. Closest I came was a story in Thunderbolts, and “Dreadknight” turned out to be Hawkeye in disguise. Frankly, that’s the visual representation I’d like to see in the game. Love the “atomic steed” (as I’ve gone on about before; see my “Knights of Wundagore” Wish-List post). Still, I like the concept, the visual. Got a “collage” for ya —

I regularly visit a site called supermegamonkey, and he has a post on Dreadknight’s first appearance. He posits that Dreadknight was an attempt to fill the super-villain niche formerly occupied by the Nathan Garrett version of the Black Knight.

In HeroClix, versions of the Black night include: Black Knight (villainous Nathan Garrett, CHAOS WAR #020); Black Knight (heroic Dane Whitman, CHAOS WAR #031); and ye olde REV of Dane on an “atomic steed” from the FANTASTIC FORCES set (#’s 004, 005, & 006). The CW versions’ dial designs represent them on their chosen steeds, even though their sculpts do not.

I group Dreadknight under the rubric of “tech-villain”. Dreadknight is an above average fighter. He has a body armor that grants a degree of protection and lower-end super-strength. He has his mount, “Hellhorse” (super-science spawned genetic monstrosity, no “black magic” involved; again, I would prefer an atomic steed).

Primary weapon is his high-tech lance. Armor-piercing tip, also good for bashing/bludgeoning. And then there’s the energy beams, streams of incapacitating nerve gas, micro-missiles, and “taser-bolas”.

Pretty standard stuff for tech-villains (from Green Goblin to Ghost to Porcupine to Trapster). Can’t really say specifically what I’d want to see that I haven’t posted before under, say, Porcupine. Cannot think of any special powers or trait abilities. I guess he’s pretty “vanilla”. But, WizKids did a great job with the “vanilla” Nathan Garrett in CHAOS WAR. *Maybe* the nerve gas or electrified bolas warrant a special power, as variations on Incapacitate, one dealing damage, one adding an extra token, maybe? (EDIT: Latest version of Hawkeye in CW also has a “Knockout Gass Arrow” S.P. that combines Energy Explosion with an Incapacitate-like effect. That seems like a good way to go, too.)

And although I want to see this version, Marvel did do a version of Dreadknight for its “Ultimate Universe” line of comics that at least looked pretty bad-ass.