what-you-need-to-know-about-the-gop-snooping-memo-controversy the-massive-case-of-collective-amnesia-the-fbi-has-been-political-from-the-start

As a private citizen, a tax-paying, voting blue-collar type, my opinion: I didn’t vote for Trump. He seemed like another Putin-worshipping wannabe oligarch. Whatever Trump’s beliefs on how awesome he is, I think he’s played into Putin’s hands: Trump and his ‘allies’ protect themselves and seek more wealth and power by trying to shred the system of checks and balances and power-sharing, and the institutions we need to make those systems work.

Putin and his oligarchical kleptocracy love they’ve got some ‘useful idiot’ allies in Washington, doing their undermining for them.

I usually cast a skeptical eye at the FBI and the intelligence community. Some citizen-level ‘we need them to do what they do, but they need to be held in check’ skepticism.

But, Trump & Co. against the DoJ and the intelligence community? I’ll believe them over Trump.

Let the sunshine in, cleanse the place.


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Originally posted back on 2017-07-22:

FROM NPR NEWS:In Putin’s Russia, An ‘Adhocracy’ Marked By Ambiguity And Plausible Deniability

U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Never Go Away — They Just Evolve


EDIT (2017-07-25):

Former Secret Service Agent Considers Likely Responses To Trump Comments:

The above was about Trump saying at one od his campaign rallies Second Amendment supporters could take care of Hillary Clinton.  As a “purple Republican” not too enamored with Trump’s wannabe NYC gangsterism, yeah, it sounded to me at the time like he wanted someone to shoot HRC.

And later, after inauguration, this —
James Comey Testimony: Highlights Of The Senate Intelligence Hearing : NPR:

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” 

With Trump coming from the business sector and seemingly so admiring of authoritarian types like Putin, os Trump going for an “Adhocracy”?