HeroClix Wish-List: “Brain Drain” (v1.1)

Marvel’s supervillain: Brain Drain! I do NOT have the issues of “The Invaders” this guy appears in, or any appearances of him. I just stumbled across this guy while looking for another obscure Marvel Comics villain. (I’ll get to that on some other time.)

I love the “Evil Brain” trope of supervillains. Just the weirdness of the ‘disembodied brain in a jar’, love it. Then stick that jar on top of a robot body and — blammo — instant HeroClix “Want”.

For Clix, I think the appearance of the hooded figure in a pseudo-Nazi uniform works well; they could even do the ‘alternate sculpt’ thing, with the same body, but without the hood, exposing the brain-jar. (Alternately, there was a version of DC Comics’ supervillain Mr. Freeze in a HeroClix set many years ago that had a helmet you could remove. It’d be cool to be able to remove the hood, reveal Brain Drain’s ‘brain with eyes in a jar’ look.)

HeroClix power-wise: Unique-ring, higher-rarity (Rare or Super Rare). Robot Body: Indomitable, Toughness all the down the dial. Life: 4 or 5 clicks. Keywords: Scientist, Robot. A case can be made for Monster, in my opinion.

Mind Control, 3 Bolts [Targets], Range value of (0) [zero]. Why? MC already has a built in ‘default Range value’ of 4. Now, Brain Drain has used technology to extend his Mind Control ‘reach’, allegedly to ‘planetary distances’. So, a Special Power or Trait (“Expert in alien Axi-Tun technology”) with which every turn, through use of some sort of Action, creates or ‘upgrades’ an adjacent object token, starting with Ultra Light, working his way up through Ultra Heavy; the ‘higher’ you go, the longer his replacement Range value gets. And you’ve got to make it scary. For example: Ultra Light = 5; Light = 7; Heavy = 9; Ultra Heavy = 11 or 12. He has to remain adjacent to this object to get the benefits, but it in no way obstructs his lines of fire when using Mind Control. He’s never been shown to have Super Strength, so he does run the risk of an opposing character picking the thing up and whacking him, however.

Anyhoo, could be fun.




Ret-Con: Mr. Sinister (ULT090) (V7.1)

EDIT (2014-10-12): Originally posted 2010-12-01. Reworked, reposted.

Mr. Sinister!  Not a fan of this character in the comics. Don’t “get” him. I’m aware of the character’s fictional history. I just don’t think much of him.

In 1933, British author Sax Rohmer created the “archetype” for the ” ultimate evil criminal genius”. Long-lived, scientific genius, occult genius, strategic genius, shadowy manipulator with a global reach, operating a complex web of organizations, often with those organizations and the public at large completely ignorant of his involvement, or even his existence. Mr. Sinister seems to be an attempt to be as chillingly an effective “supervillain” as the Fu Manchu archetype. In my [fanboy] opinion, he’s not as effective a character as Marvel’s Arnim Zola, he’s not Doctor Doom, he’s not Apocalypse, he’s not as scary-cool as The Mandarin. Or, like the most modern interpretations of DC Comics’ Lex Luthor.

[Aside: With Marvel’s Red Skull, there was a time when the Skull was *just* a very effective Nazi terrorist and schemer. Maybe a “genius” in the organizational sense. In the 1980’s he was “reborn” in a body cloned from Steve Rogers, the super-soldier that is Captain America, and his organization reach included a cover on K Street in Washington, D.C. as a lobbyist (all while influencing cells of HYDRA, creating the “militia” call the Watchdogs, the “Scourge of the Underworld” operatives, subsidizing the Taskmaster’s training academies, and on and on. And, now, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s being portrayed as a scientist, too. He may have hit “Fu Manchu” status. Just an observation.]

But, Mr. Sinister has been popular enough to have two incarnations in HeroClix, one from the ULTIMATES set and one from the more-recent CHAOS WAR. Here they be —

UL090 Mr Sinister stats

CW047 Mr Sinister

Concerning the “venerable” unique from the ULTIMATES set, I was going through ye olde “tinkering notebooks” [back in 2010] and ran across the notes for Mr. S.: “Cost: 106 points.  Pros: “Longevity” in the form of 10 clicks of life, some protection in the form of damage reducers, Shape Change and Regeneration.  Psychic Blast.  Perplex up front and Outwit in the back.  Cons: Low stats all around.  Not a good attacker for the cost.  Seems to be meant for a “leadership role” but doesn’t do that well.” Adding any Feats is the HC equivalent of “throwing good money after bad”. This version, though, could use some “Ret-Con Traits” to emphasize his “leadership role”.

Homemade Trait “Mr. Sinister”  Mr. Sinister may use Leadership, but may only remove action tokens from characters with which he shares a keyword. Mr. Sinister may use Phasing/Teleport and Willpower. He may use Mind Control, but only to target friendly characters with the Marauders keyword.

Yeah, it may seem like I made him too good, on the surface. But, he’s still not an attacker. He’s still an expensive-yet-durable support role clix.


Here’s a “phoned-in collage”. Yep, I cared enough about the clix to take a swing at making it “worth the points”, but I didn’t care enough about the character to really hunt down some better images. Again, *shrug*. YMMV.

Ret-Con UL090 Mr Sinister



Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Red Skull’s “Sleeper” Robot (v1.2)

This next “Wish-List” is a tad tricky. Marvel’s Red Skull — as well as certain other characters with ties to Marvel Comics’ version of WWII continuity — have tried to activate various models of “Sleeper Robots” as “doomsday devices”. I’m not going to get into some of the first ones to appear in the comics (“Colossal”/”Giant” ones like the “Robbie the Robot” looking one, or the “Flying Wing/Manta Ray” looking one, or the one that looked like Red Skull’s, er, skull — all of which could combine into one massive robot. An ugly one. Voltron it was not).

I like the appearance/design of this one, this large, big-headed, no-necked thing that looks similar to the “ancient empires” influences Jack “King” Kirby would get to in later years with his concepts. Purpose: Basically, “robot tank”.

This version first appeared in 1968, but one of its powers — the “volcanic heat” projected in beams from its face — seems a lot like the Asgardian “Destroyer” animated armor from the Thor comics (which made an appearance in the first Thor movie, obviously, and has also made two appearances in HeroClix since that movie). It lost this power, as well as its original “density control”/”intangibility” powers.

The “SL-4 Sleeper” is now mostly a Giant-sized “brute” of a robot. Fights like a boxer or wrestler. (Typical of 1960’s Marvel Comics, in my opinion; pro-wrestling and animal themes abound in those comics.) Sleeper is incredibly durable and resilient,but as far as “superhuman strength” goes, it seems to be in Spider-Man or Luke “Power Man” Cage’s range.

HeroClix: Draw from the previously mentioned Destroyer designs (2009’s HAMMER OF THOR set and the 2012 THE AVENGERS MOVIE set), M-11 (also from HOT), and the Mindless Ones (2011’s GIANT-SIZED X-MEN set). Would like to see a long dial, steady stats, maybe a bit “soft” in the defense numbers.

Opening clicks could have separate special powers for the “Volcanic Thermal Energy” and the “Density Control” powers.

The “VTE” could be represented with a replacement range value, number of targets, and Energy Explosion, with a “Double Power Action” option for destroying a wide swathe of blocking and/or hindering terrain and walls (the thing destroyed a smelting factory on its own in seconds; it’s definitely a “robot of mass destruction” kinda thing). After seeing what WizKids’ Game Design Team has come up with, like for the recent GOTG012a Rigellian Colonizer, or the older AVM016 Red Skull, I would like to see a potentially “game-changing effect” of some sort.

For the “DC” power, combo of access to the “Power Cosmic” team ability, and maybe “random” application of either Invincible or Impervious, and/or Super Senses? It could also have some sort of access to Phasing/Teleport.

Those powers should likely only appear on the first two clicks, and it should be incredibly hard to knock him off of those two clicks. After that, though, he should be a “typical plodding, relentless brawler”.

Thinking: Rare or Super-Rare.

SL-4 Sleeper Robot v2






Wish-List & Ret-Con(s): Red Skull (v7.3)

EDIT (30 APR 2014): Okay, this particular post was posted 20 MAY 2011, as a “Ret-Con” for the CLOBBERIN’ TIME (2002) #091 Red Skull. I’m going to merge some other Ret-Con and “Wish-List” posts and general commentary concerning the dastardly red-headed bastard, then “bring it forward in time” with a re-post. NOTE: Comics characters’ histories and “natures” often get revised and adapted over time, and across media. The “Marvel Cinematic Universe” Red Skull does have some key background differences to the “main” comics’ counterpart. Recommendation: Please read Red Skull: Incarnate, by Greg Pak and Mirko Colak. Chillingly excellent.


Homemade Ret-Con Trait additions to the old Marvel HeroClix CLOBBERIN’ TIME #091 Red Skull (imbedded into the picture below).

Ret-Con Red Skull CT


Homemade Ret-Con “Tweak” to an existing Special Power for the Marvel HeroClix AVENGERS (2007) #032 Red Skull (imbedded into the picture below).

Ret-Con Tweak AV032 Red Skull

The following was originally posted as a separate entry on 28 NOV 2012 (With some revisions.):
Ah, the Red Skull. I’m a huge fan of Captain America. At this point, after giving away half my comics collection to charity a few years ago (and getting ready to cut my collection in half again), my Cap comics remain in the old collection. Despite some bad storylines. (Pre-Ed Brubaker Era stuff; Cap is a hard character to do right by.)

Oddly enough, I’m actually not a fan of the Red Skull. Just so “one-note”, and in a way he keeps Cap (and Marvel Comics) tied to WWII/Nazi storylines and seems to inhibit new character designs and stories. There are times when the stories seem “trapped in time”. (Of course some of the attempts to provide more modern, “ripped from the headlines” stories end up being preachy and using Cap as a whipping boy/scapegoat for any perceived “sins of the U.S.” rather than as a hero/problem-solver/trouble-shooter/protector. I mean, that’s the role of the “Hero” in fiction, isn’t it? To be the person trying to do Good in some way?) I do “like” the Red Skull (as a necessary villain to pit the Hero against, I mean; no, I do not share his ideology or world-view), better than, say, Batman’s Joker.

Red Skull has had some interesting stories, though. One I’d like to see represented in HeroClix is from Captain America #226-227. In it, in the usual “superhero comic book magic-masquerading-as-super-science”, Red Skull manages to turn SHIELD personnel into kind of “clones” of himself. Kind of combines the tropes of “mind control” and “zombie-fication”. If you’d like to read-up on it, check out http://www.supermegamonkey.net/chronocomic/entries/captain_america_222-223225.shtml

Before I get to the idea for reflecting the events of CA#227, we should probably run-down the HeroClix versions of the Skull we have so far —

  • Red Skull (Unique, CLOBBERIN’ TIME, #091 @ 47 points): Not much to him. Functional. A little better since the upgrade to the Leadership standard power. I did a “Ret-Con Trait” for this one, posted elsewhere on this blog. Mastermind protects the Leadership and Poison, but he’s “front-loaded” power and stats-wise. Stats aren’t as good as similarly point-costed pieces of the modern era. Love the range of 8 (one target), though. Hydra TA. Keywords: Hydra, Scientist, Politician
  • Red Skull (Unique, AVENGERS (2007), #032 @ 123 points): Significant upgrade, hampered by the “feedback damage” of his damage-slot Special Power called COSMIC CUBE: The Red Skull can use Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control. When this power is used, roll one d6 (after the action resolves, when applicable). On a result of 1-3, deal 1 unavoidable damage to Red Skull. Did a sort of “Revamp/Ret-Con” for this one, playing with the SP, also posted on this blog. Otherwise, good stats (slightly hampered by a range of 6 with one target) and selection of powers: Stealth, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Poison, Invulnerability, Toughness, Mastermind, Outwit.
  • Red Skull (CAPTAIN AMERICA, #052 @ 140 points): Bad. Ass. Scary. Basically, an interpretation drawing heavily from the Gruenwald Era, what with Johann Schmidt’s mind in a body cloned from Cap’s own Super-Soldier Serum-enhanced body. Incredible stats to match, and more of a straight-up fighter than a “lurking behind the scenes plotter-of-schemes”. Range of 6, one target, Hydra TA. Keywords: AIM, Hydra, Past, Skeleton Crew. Powers: Charge, Poison, Toughness, Mastermind, Regeneration, Outwit. Trait ability: CAPTAIN AMERICA’S CLONED BODY: Red Skull can use Close Combat Expert and Leadership. Special Powers: (attack slot) DUST OF DEATH: Red Skull can use Poison. When using it, adjacent opposing characters less than 100 points or named Captain America are dealt 2 damage instead. (damage slot) TACTICAL GENIUS OF THE REICH: If an opposing character within 8 squares is adjacent to 2 or more characters friendly to Red Skull, modify the opposing character’s defense by -1.
  • Red Skull (CAPTAIN AMERICA “Gravity Feed”, #208 @ 100 points): Not a bad version, combining “the usual” Poison, Mastermind, and Hydra TA with Stealth, Charge, Combat Reflexes, Toughness, and four front-loaded slots of the damage slot Special Power: STEVE, IS THAT YOU?: Red Skull can use Perplex and Shape Change. Kinda typical 6 range with one target. Keywords: Hydra, AIM, Politician, Skeleton Crew.
  • Red Skull (AVENGERS MOVIE, #016 @ 85 points/AE @ 40 points): Toughness, Running Shot, Charge, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Willpower, Mastermind, Leadership, Exploit Weakness, and a cool (if difficult to pull off) Trait: BUILD ME A DOOMSDAY WEAPON: Once per turn, you may give a power action to a friendly character with the Scientist keyword that is 25 points or more to put a Research counter on this card. When there are 7 or more Research counters on this card, Red Skull modifies his combat values by +2 and can use the Flight ability. Keywords: Hydra, Past, Ruler, Scientist. Hydra TA.
  • Johann Schmidt (Alter Ego character, AVENGERS MOVIE set, #038 @ 40 points): Cool version, with the following Special Powers: (speed slot:) ALTER EGO: RED SKULL: Give Johann Schmidt a power action that deals no pushing damage and replace this character with AVM #016 Red Skull on its orange starting line. Existing action tokens on this character and action tokens for this action are applied to the replacement. This power can’t be countered. (damage-slot:) MY OWN PRIVATE ARMY: Adjacent friendly characters possessing the HYDRA team ability can also use the S.H.I.E.L.D. team ability. Standard powers: Energy Explosion, Mastermind, Shape Change; range of 8, one target. Hydra TA. Keywords: Hydra, Past, Scientist, Ruler, Soldier.
  • Red Skull (“Chase” Unique, AVENGERS MOVIE, #041 @ 170 points): “Movie Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube/Tesseract.” Killer! And the Power Cosmic TA to help represent it. The 8 range reappears (one target). Standard Powers: Running Shot, Hypersonic Speed (!), Phasing/Teleport, Pulse Wave, Steal Energy, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Energy Shield/Deflection, Invulnerability, Super Senses, Probability Control, and Perplex. Special Power (damage slot): DIRECT CONTROL OF THE CUBE: Red Skull can use Perplex and Probability Control. Hydra TA. Keywords: Cosmic, Hydra, Past, Soldier.

So, hey, some decent enough versions of him. Now, as relates to the issues of Captain America (#226 and #227)…. Here’s a “collage” to get the neurons firing —


SO! Lot of potential ideas here. We’re talking about an era in which the Skull was a “criminal mastermind” type, and a competent *human level* fighter (as in, normal human of special training; no “body cloned from a Super-Soldier” thing going on). And in this case, he was using his “psych-bending technology” to take control of and transform a bunch of already-Special-Forces-level-of-training SHIELD personnel. Heh-heh.

Gotta keep it simple.

(1) A Common-rarity Red Skull, yellow uniform, named “Red Skull Duplicate” (drawing inspiration from CHAOS WAR’s Masque Duplicate), go for Hydra nd SHIELD TA’s, 6 range and one target, no Poison, but stats and standard power selection consistent with some of the SHIELD “generics” we have seen in the 2011 CAPTAIN AMERICA set. No “Minion” Special Powers, though.

(2) Instead, have Red Skull in a green (traditional, in the 1970’s) uniform or blue uniform, as a “Common/Prime” figure. I need something effective, with a “Master”-type Special Power, to use with the RSDupes. Points-wise, between the old CLOBBERIN’ TIME version and the AVENGERS version; 100-points flat would be good. Needs to be “slightly above average” in the combat stats department, but a return of the 8 range would be welcome. Open to ideas for Traits and other SPs.

(2) some sort of Special Object/Relic/Resource/Event Dial permutation, to represent the Deaths’s Head satellite, and the controls for it. Would be great if they could design a “hit opponent character is swapped with an RSDupe for {x} turns or until {Y condition} is met” kinda thingy.

Simple to say, hard to do.
The following was originally posted on 09 DEC 2012 as a Wish-List post for “Green Skull & Others” (Added another “collage”).:

“Amalgam Comics”!! A collaboration back in the 1990’s between DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Conceptual mix-n-mashing of DC’s and Marvel’s characters. Stand-out for me (of course) is Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier.

Hooks: Steve Rogers is transformed not simply into a “peak-human super-soldier” but actually crosses the threshold into “super-human”. The normal/current Marvel origin — a “super-soldier” process involving an oral potion, and injection of a companion potion, and bombardment with radioactive “Vita-Rays” — is tweaked to include genetic material from a dead alien found at a UFO crash-site in Kansas (in other words, baby Kal-El didn’t survive the journey from Krypton) and “Vita-Rays” are supplemented with “Solar Radiation”. Result: “Captain Super-American.”

HATED THE DAMN UNIFORM. Otherwise, I liked the whole concept. And, of course, Johan Schmidt/Red Skull becomes instead Lex Luthor/Green Skull (because of the Kryptonite, you see). Some better fan-designed costumes can be found for Super-Soldier on the net, obviously. Deviant Art is littered with some great stuff.

Fast Forward to 2012: Marvel — yet friggin’ AGAIN — feels the need to reboot its titles. Cap gets rebooted, again. Some new characters pop into existence. Including “eco-terrorist”,…. (wait for it)…. the GREEN SKULL!

Can’t find too many pictures of him yet. Only references I’m finding are to the story. SPOILER ALERT: Green Skull is trying to bomb areas of New York with “Omega-Fertilizer” (*snicker*) which would turn the place into a “jungle” (not at that latitude) faster than the “Genesis Wave” on a dead planetoid (<==Look! Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn reference!) by turning all humans and other NY animals into “soylent green” for plants (<==okay, weaker sci-fi reference; forced it). Yes, most superhero stories sound ridiculous. And that’s not even all that happens in this issue. But, it makes me want to jump back into comics again. (Can’t. Portion of the “lowly working class budget” of this pleb is devoted to supporting the game of HeroClix.)

Cool in the typical whacked-out superhero comics way, I like the way it sounds like it plays off of all the angles of Cap: patriotic superhero, “spy thriller” elements (enhanced ever since Brubaker) with sci-fi mixed in, and just “Life in such a crazy world”.

Frankly, sci-fi has always permeated superhero comics, just as much as the supernatural; Brubaker had plenty of sci-fi in his stuff, even if fans and observers emphasized his “spy-thriller” and “nostalgia” elements. Commentators are saying writer Rick Remender is emulating Jack Kirby’s 1970’s run. Kirby’s run gets panned, but Kirby was himself mixing sci-fi, romance, and spy comics elements in that run. There’s more to Cap (his character & concept) than casual readers give him credit for. (Glad to see John Romita, Jr., is doing the art. His style is said to “channel Kirby” sometimes. I agree, and think that it amps it up a notch as well.)

Personally, I think the sci-fi angle *helps* with the “Man Out of Time” motif of Cap. He’s now a “Peak Human” from the past. The world is still filled with “regular humans”. But, it’s Marvel Earth, which means there are a lot of bona-fide SUPER-HUMANS all over now. How does he survive? After all, “all things being equal, the stronger athlete wins”. This is where I think Marvel’s Cap best represents what is, in a way, the “conceptual splicing” Joe Simon & Jack Kirby did back in 1941 of DC/National Comics’ Superman and Batman: Cap with find ways to “out-fight” even the strongest opponents. He’ll plan when he can, knows the benefits of “keeping it simple”; very “Sun-Tzu”.

And to top it all off, sounds like Remender is reaching back into Steve Rogers’ pre-super-soldier, Depression Era New York childhood. That’s something that’s rarely been done. Hope he continues it.

Also hope they solidify something about Cap’s origin: Timing.

Trying to find the references now, but I remember reading that Captain America Comics #1 is cover-dated March(?) 1941, which means it probably actually hit the stands in February or even January of 1941. WWII was underway, we (the US of A) just wouldn’t be in it until after the December 7th 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s reasonable to assume, even if the majority of Americans wanted no part of the war, that we were headed toward joining the fray. With rumors coming out of Europe about the stuff the Nazis and Fascists were up to probably circulating all around New York, I gotta believe “4F Rogers” was trying to join the army during 1940. And that maybe Professor Erskine was developing his process for the War Department by 1939, 1940 (before any rumors about Nazi research into “atomic weapons” would spur the US into starting the Manhattan Project (1942)).

As far as Green Skull goes, it’s like Remender is combining Red Skull with another Marvel villain, the Plantman. Hope he becomes a recurring character.

(Just gotta take it to the next level, have Green Skull get the MODOK transmorgrification. Hey, Hulk foe The Leader needs more “screen time’. He should become a Cap villain. Seriously. But, I digress….)

Since this blog is more about a certain miniatures-based table-top strategy game featuring comic book super-characters I think you know where I’m going with this: “Dear WizKids, we need a Green Skull for Marvel HeroClix!!”

Potential powers: Still don’t know much about the character. If not a “mad scientist” type, he’s at least some spin on the “Tech-Villain”, possibly a Hydra-affiliated nutball. Standard Powers like Barrier and Smoke Cloud are appropriate (“rapid plant growth” tropes), as well as powers like Poison and Incapacitate (effects of “mutated plants”).

The Green Skull

Just for fun, some applicable special powers already published in the game for various characters (can you guess who they are??):

POISONOUS VINES: [deleted] can use Poison and Smoke Cloud; immediately after [deleted] uses Smoke Cloud, choose one of the hindering terrain markers placed by the power and deal 1 damage to each character occupying or adjacent to it.

WILT PLANT GROWTH: [deleted] can use Smoke Cloud as if he has a range of 4; when he uses Smoke Cloud, he can place up to 8 hindering terrain markers if all markers are placed 2 or fewer squares from him.

CALL IN THE AIR STRIKE: Once per game, give [deleted] a double power action. Choose a square anywhere on the map. Modify [deleted’s] attack value by +3 and make a ranged combat attack that does not target, and compare the result to each character occupying the chosen square or a square adjacent to the chosen square. A hit character occupying the chosen square is dealt 3 damage. Other hit characters are dealt 2 damage that causes knock back from the chosen square. Destroy all walls and squares of blocking terrain in or adjacent to the chosen square.

HALLUCINATORY TOXINS: [deleted] can use Poison. When he does, a character that takes damage and has zero action tokens is given an action token.

NATURE’S ASSAULT: Give [deleted] a free action and choose any number of characters occupying a square of printed hindering terrain within 4 squares. Deal 1 damage to the chosen characters.

Plenty of language here that can be mined for an “OMEGA FERTILIZER” effect.

Also, “Dear NECA/WizKids”: How about a single-figure booster Amalgam set?

Sidenote: One of the things that makes this so interesting to me is that, apparently, an old MLJ/Red Circle/Charlton Comics character named The Web had a villain that he fought, a Nazi from WWII called the Green Skull. “Crosstime Cross-Pollination”?

Sidenote II: Man, wish I could find some decent picture of this modern Marvel “Green Skull”. Looks like the “collage” is going to be an “amalgam” of cross-company concepts….



And, since I want to wrap-up any “wish-listing” for any version of the Red Skull, I’ll post another collage I was cobbling-up. Includes pictures from: Brubaker’s run, wherein RS wound up in one of Arnim Zola’s cyborg bodies, eventually gets a Zola-made “organo-mimetic” mask to put over the “ESPer-sensor” camera, and — during the “Reborn” mini-series — manages to get hit by an errant Pym-particle blast and went “Colossal”. Also includes an armored version of the Skull from Kirkman’s run; body armor with a bit of strength enhancement as well as an “invisible force bubble” protecting his head. Also, includes the “imaginary story” from issue #289 (1980’s), the “MO-Skull”, who smashes through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man, but otherwise doesn’t demonstrate any other abilities or powers, MODOK-like or otherwise. Also, a fan-art pic I found that mashes together Red Skull with Baron von Strucker. The MOSkull is one I’d like to see the most, though WizKids will have to make up some sort of power set for him, extrapolate the concept a bit. Always thought a kind of “oppa MODOK style” chase series in a Marvel “Monsters & Villains” set. Get the “Elvis-Headed MODOKs” from Warren Ellis’ NEXTWAVE series and writer jeff Parker’s “MODOK-Avengers” from the Marvel Adventures magazine.






Wish-List: Dr. Faustus (v1.1)

Doctor_Faustus_Mash-UpDoctor Faustus. He’s “Mysterio with a Freudian twist”, IMHO. “Criminal mastermind” type. Unfortunately for both the character and for the Captain America “mythos”, he’s yet another living villain that was physically present at some point for World War II. (I like, in theory, the “Man Out Of Time” theme for Cap. But, it’s harder to swallow as part of the character when so many enemies and allies and others who lived through the period of WW2 are still around. But, I digress.)

Johann “Dr. Faustus Fennhoff here is a guy who build up small, seemingly temporary, profitable criminal enterprises. Sometimes these scheme are done for larger organizations (“The Corporation”), sometimes they seem done as a way for him to finance his own research. In recent years, writer took this character I kinda didn’t care for and turned him into someone I wanted to read about.

I slapped him with the “Mysterio” label because of Mysterio’s own history of doing what Dr. Faustus does: Trying to drive our intrepid heroes nucking futs. He’s done so using narcotic gases and compounds on his target in conjunction with actors, props, and elaborate scenarios recreating traumatic events, in order to get information from his victims or push them to suicide. He’s done so using narcotic gases and compounds on his target in conjunction with sophisticated holograms and robots. He’s done so using narcotic gases and compounds on his target in conjunction with cutting-edge virtual reality “immersion”. This guy doesn’t do anything “on the cheap”. Or without drugs.

When I did the “Wish-List” for The Slug, I brought up the “comic book thematic coolness” that I think it the NML007 The Penguin piece from the 2012/2013 DC HeroClix NO MAN’S LAND Organized Play release. The dial design is such that you can use the piece and a character on your force, or “off board” as one o’ them new-fangled “Resources”. I also mentioned how I thought they (WizKids Game Design) might entertain the idea of combining the “Resource” idea with the “Countdown dial” idea we’ve seen with pieces like the BM203 Hired Goon and the CA060 Captain America.

I’m kinda in love with this idea. It would be great for villains that work mostly behind the scenes, then pop up conveniently near the end of the story in order for our heroes and heroines to more easily kick their butts. “Comic book accuracy” some fanboys might say.

I think it’s definitely something to look into for “Fat Man” here. As far as WHAT I’d like to see for “Resource” options? Not sure, yet. Basic idea here is: Resource/Countdown to Doc popping into your staring area in “Grand Reveal” fashion as a normal character.

It could be combined with the “multiple starting lines” technique, so we could have *just* a low-point, limited life, “basic” Mind Controller option as well. Even without the use of mind-altering gases, serum, or contact-poisons, he’s relied certain natural and practiced voice modulation to induce hypnotic effects.

Sometimes, in earlier appearances, he gets physical. He is not a trained fighter, relying mostly his imposing size and the fact that he drugs up his opponents before even attempting a physical confrontation. (Makes him a bit of a coward and sadist in my book.) WizKids may want to make use of Trait-based replacement attack values for using and Mind Control type powers or game effects, keeping the printed attack values low-ish.

Finally: Read a few posts around the net about him. I knew he had a hand in creating the white supremacist group called “National Force”, and obviously during Brubaker’s run he worked a lot with Red Skull and Arnim Zola.

I’m really stoked about the idea of a “Resource/Countdown dial super-villain”design, can’t say it enough. Would be perfect to see on Rare, Super-Rare, or “Chase” SR pieces in some sort of “Marvel Monsters and Villains” themed set.

Sidenote: So, past couple of weeks, I made some “Ret-Con Collages” for Kingpin and Blob, and have also posted a “Wish-List” for The Slug. Probably time to peel myself away from the “fat villains” for awhile. Although, I have wanted to try posting about a Mark Gruenwald era Cap villain called “The Voice”. Hmm.