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“Star-Spangled Banner” Anthem’s Intersection with Slavery.

Historians disagree on whether ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is racist | Public Radio International:

Articles that produced the radio piece above —

Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem:

EDIT  (2016-08-31): NPR’s “Code Switch”: “My Father Stood For The Anthem, For The Same Reason That Colin Kaepernick Sits”


The Confederate States of America stood for racism in the form of white supremacy at the top of an economic system, of which slave trade and slave labor, of human beings legally and socially held in bondage, using every conceivable twisting of religion and morality to do so.

At the time the Founders were casting aside the Articles of Confederation in favor of a brand new Constitution, they made all sorts of compromises to appease the slave holding states, to keep the United States whole.

Decades later, when admitting new States into the Union, there continued to be political clashes around which states would be admitted as “free” and which would be new slave states.

Gets old hearing so many people being proud of those CSA flags, proud of  heritage of Ante Bellum slave states.

People need to know those flags represented slave states, and ways of life and hereditary prosperity supported by slave trade and slave labor.

EDIT: the above was not aimed at anyone in particular.

My Dad did a display of flags this year at the county fair. He’s a history teacher, retired. He tries not to take sides in this controversy. He’s not pro-Confedracy or pro-slavery, he’s not a racist. The flag was just part of the display.

EDIT II: in other words, he can be a convenient target for either side.