MCU & Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: Blackjack O’Hare

I love Rocket Raccoon. Have, still, in my dwindling comic book collection, the 4-issue limited series from the 1980’s.

I keep wondering if there’s room in Marvel Studio’s schedule for R.R. to get a ‘stand-alone’ movie, his own ‘origin story’ movie? More like, he and Groot (or maybe without Groot?) take a break away from the Guatdians, with Rocket secretly following a lead about who he is and where he came from because he’s fonally curious enough and has a sense that it was connected to something ‘clandestine’. He could run into someone who knows him whom he can’t remember: Blackjack O’Hare. Tohether, they find Halfworld and their origins. Mix of cosmic space opera zaniness, “Bourne Identity”, the “Lethal Weapon” buddy-stuff.

Would love to see all the Halfworld stiff in the movies. Wickedly weird. Genetically-modified cybernetically-enhanced anthropomorphic Earth-origin animals; robots that are evolving and searching for a higher purpose; “killer clowns”; Loonies. ‘Nuff Said.

Would love to see all the characters of the old 80’s limited series become a Marvel HeroClix release. A boxed starter, and a 20-character gravity feed. (Loke the first TMNT release.)

EDIT: So, I posted this based on fond memories. I do a little reading-up on what’s been done with the character,…. he’s Rocket’s enemy now! 


Archiving!: 2016 Marvel HeroClix “Convention Exclusives”.

WOW, a lot of exciting “con-ex” teasers over at in the past few weeks. Using this post to save some images, reminders to me of stuff I eventually want to hunt down and acquire. (Most excited about “Man-Spider” and another “Rocket & Groot”, but lovin’ the 1966 Batman stuff!)

MV-PP16-003_CosmicDaredevil_HiresRender MV-PP16-002_RocketRacoonAndGroot_HiresRender MV-PP16-001_ManSpider_HiresRender_Front DC-PP16-007_BatmanBomb_HiresRender2 DC-PP16-006_BatmanSurfing_HiresRender DC-PP16-004_ArrowDiggleMotorcycle_HiresRender DC-PP16-003_RedRobin_HiresRender DC-PP16-001_AcetheBathound_HiresRender

“Rocket, yeah.” (v1.1)

Told myself I’d stay away from all of the HeroClix “movie” sets last year. The “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” releases were going to be the exception, since I love the character. Successfully avoided the “Thor: The Dark World” set after I’d made that semi-promise to myself. Have to curb my spending on this game somehow.

Yesterday: On the road, work-related. Familiar territory. Wandered into a games/comic book store. Bought: two Marvel HeroClix “Guardians of the Galaxy Movie” Starter Sets. For Rocket Raccoon, with a side of Groot. Found myself browsing eBay last night, hunting for the other “movieclix” versions of Rocket.

Weird thing: I half-hope WizKids continues with movie license clix. Preference: no movieclix single-figure booster sets, at least for the comic book movies. Would prefer to *just* see starters or “Fast Forces”.

Primary reason: WizKids/NECA has to play it so “close to the vest” with the movie licenses that they almost have to miss certain opportunities. Case in point: the “CAWS” set I mentioned above. SPOILER ALERT: The re-emergence of HYDRA played a huge role in the story in that movie. You wouldn’t know it to look at the dial designs of the clix in the Marvel HeroClix CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER clix, though. Some great stuff in that set. But, no “Hydra” to be found anywhere, not a hint, I suppose to avoid “spoilers”, what with the clix releasing around the time the movie hit theaters. You’d think the HYDRA keyword would at least show up. Nope.

If they have to have something available for sale to coincide with the release of the movie, why not stick with just a Starter? Six characters is plenty, plus a new map, along with all the other stuff. Gage the interest, and maybe wait 6 months to a year to release a follow-up for the movie. I could have waited on Brock Rumlow and Agent Sitwell, if it would have meant we’d get dual Hydra/SHIELD team ability dials, or at least the friggin’ Keywords! Could be as a follow-up CTD set, or some Fast Forces. A “Batroc’s Brigade” FF, with Batroc and four or five mercs. A “Hydra Cell” FF, with the aforementioned SHIELD traitors. An “Arnim Zola” FF, with a “Camp Lehigh/SHIELD Bunker” map and versions of Arnim from both Cap movies, plus some more Hydra guys, maybe the “Project: Insight” SHIELD guys.

Would have been “more special”. What we got felt….. Felt like WizKids Game Design had to “hold back” thanks to the “anti-spoiler” nature of the licensing of movies. Could have been so much more.

And the whole “dilution” thing: Looking at a lot of the dials, especially for the “generic soldier” types, in the GOTG movie set and thinking, “Why aren’t these saved for the comic book sets??” Get tired of movie versions overshadowing the “source material” versions. in the comic book sets. causes a bit of “fatigue”, too. And the “power creep”; movieclix seem to up the ante, on a regular basis.

I don’t know. Time to go hunt some “Rockets”. Distract myself via the “marketplace of clix” for a little bit.

Anticipation: Rocket Raccoon! (v1.3)


ROCKET RACCOON! I still have his 4 issue limited series in my collection. (Unfortunately, at the storage locker.) Encountered issue #1 on the shelf at the local Lawson’s convenience store, back-in-the-day ™. Was completely unaware of his previous appearances in Marvel books. Up until that time, I couldn’t have cared less about “anthropomorphized/funny animal characters” in my superhero comics.

He unlocked a world of fun. And looking back at the series, is was kinda dark. But the zaniness really reeled me in. Written by Bill Mantlo and drawn by Mike Mignola (who later created Hellboy, a character that made me pay attention to writer/director Guillermo del Toro’s stuff; without del Toro, we wouldn’t have the wonderful Hellboy movies, Pan’s Labyrinth, or Pacific Rim).[EDIT: What in the heck was I doing there?! Why did I go on about del Toro? ]

This post? What’s the reason for it? Just anticipating the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s summer installment in the “Cosmic Marvel Comics” vein: Guardians of the Galaxy! I haven’t read a lot of comics in the past decade. (Mostly Captain America, but I did have the hardbound ANNIHILATION books for awhile.) Looking forward to seeing Rocket on the big screen, and wondering if he’ll be “cool”, you know?

Also wondering what we’ll be seeing in the Marvel HeroClix GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY releases, too. So far, the only version of Rocket we have is in the HAMMER OF THOR set (2009).

You could get a whole CTD set out of that 4-issue mini-series, though. Specific characters and generics. And I don’t mean a 10-character CTD. Talkin’ 24, slight rarity scale. And a Fast Forces. Heh. Could use a Fast Forces based on that series, IMHO. Say it with me, “Rocket Raccoon & Blackjack O’Hare duo character!”

Rocket Raccoon Hammer of Thor 2009