Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Serpent Society/Serpent Squad (v5.1)

Well, it’s September of 2016. This little “Wish-List” post was originally nailed-up back on 2012-11-23. Thanks to the 2016 Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN set, the roster of Serpent Society members has expanded greatly. We’re still missing some members, though. I can only hope more are on the way in next year’s Marvel HeroClix sets, already designed, waiting to be manufactured and release ahead of one of the movies or something.

I’m completely reworking this post’s content as a result. Want to list the characters we still don’t have (and link to MHWL posts I’ve done for them, or offer some thumbnail suggestions), and ‘catalog’ who we have already. Maybe another ‘collage’ or two as well.

Might turn into an infrequent-but-on-going kinda thing.





MEMBERS RECEIVED SO FAR (in no particular order; and NO, I will not count the Red Skull’s daughter Sin and her beau Crossbones because of their ad hoc version of the Serpent Squad; I will also NOT count Viper/Madame Hydra, for despite her one-time takeover of the SerpSoc, she wasn’t really a part of it, just usurping it to further one of her terror-plots):
















2016: Marvel HeroClix – Spiders & Serpents

Well, alright! Looks like the next Marvel HeroClix set will be THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN in July! —

I try to avoid spoilers for movies, normally. But, after the previews before the screening of Hateful Eight, I had to look up at least a little bit for the coming Captain America: Civil War flick. Hints that Spider-Man may show up in CACW: Outstanding!  (Peter Parker? Or the Miles Morales version?)

This new SFSM set sounds villain-heavy, and looks to have a Captain America-related sub-theme with Serpent Society / Serpent Squad members.

Man! When can I pre-order?!

“1-800-555-HISS” (v1.7)

CA315_CardRan across this today during my lunch hour, while searching for more pictures of various Marvel Comics “Serpent Society”, Serpent Squad”, and [the totally unaffiliated] “Sons of the Serpent” characters. Cobbling together more “Wish-List” collages for future posts, as well as to add to older “Wish-List” posts that could use some better images.

Thought it was darkly funny.

I’m really, really, really hoping that the recent appearances of Anaconda and Constrictor in the Marvel HeroClix DEADPOOL set that there’s more “serpents” on the way. [Yes, I know Constrictor has never been a member of the Society, or any version of the Squads. Just one of the first batch of potential recruits, one of the few to have turned down their invitation and survived.]

Also cool: Reading the synopses of more recent stories involving the SerpSocks.  *sigh* If I hadn’t decided to make HC my primary hobby, I’d be trying to pick up some of those stories. But, limited “entertainment budget”, not a lot of room in my life for such “working-class luxuries”.


(Originally posted (2014-06-05)
UPDATE (2016-04-24): Looks like we’re finally getting more Serpent Society and Serpent Squad affiliated supervillains in this year’s Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN set. Huzzah! (Hope WizKids does the “ID Card” thing for this group. They are highly-organized paramilitary contractors, after all….)

HCRealms posts WizKids’ produced DEADPOOL “unboxing” video.

See the link below:

Focus was mostly on the characters in the “Deadpool Corps” and the “Marvel Zombies” chase figures, but the guy did cover the new Constrictor, he mentioned by name a new Anaconda, and i see on of marvel’s “voodoo villains”, the Black Talon!

Haven’t read any Spider-Man in a long time, so this “Superior Spider-Man” is incredibly intriguing.

Looking like it’ll be really good, fun set.

I’d say, “I can’t wait for the 14th of May!” but since I try to reduce my costs and order “bulk early bird discounts” from an online retailer (standard ground shipping, so it arrives on the back of a snail), I’m probably not going to see any of these things until at least a week after the release. *sigh* Don’t know if my body can produce enough saliva to last that long in a continuous drool. (Time to hydrate.)

Really, really, really want to see that Anaconda. Hope the Serpent Society as a whole gets a little more “love” from WizKids and Marvel.

“ReClix” Wish-List & Ret-Con: Sidewinder (v4.7)

EDIT (23 OCT 2013): Okay, re-work and re-post of a real “oldie”, as far as this blog is concerned. Started this blog back in January of 2010, after deleting a similar BlogSpot blog (don’t ask why) and a blog I had going on MySpace. This was one of the first “Ret-Cons” I’d done, posted on 05 FEB 2010.

The game has seen a lot of changes, and so has this Ret-Con.

So, I’d like to “pull this post forward in time”, add a “Ret-Con Collage”, and throw some ideas against the wall for a new Sidewinder. I’ll “partition off” the most recent Ret-Con updates of 03 AUG 2011 and 11 JUL 2012, below the “collage” and the new ideas. Here we go!

Sidewinder! Not sure he’ll be in the up-coming 2013 release, Marvel HeroClix INVINCIBLE IRON MAN. In looking for pictures to cobble together a “Ret-Con Collage” for the HeroClix piece from the ULTIMATES set (2005?), I found out that Sidewinder and the rest of the Serpent Society had been used in a major Iron Man mini-series titled “Industrial Revolution”. Don’t know the specifics. On the one hand: Great to see the SerpSoc being used. On the other hand: Too damn bad that writer Ed Brubaker, as much as I’ve loved his run on Captain America, didn’t use the Serpents to their fullest extent. He used *just* a new variation on the Serpent Squad, adding in Sin, subtracting Sidewinder. Bummer.

I’ve made clear in numerous posts about how I think the Serpent Society team-ability-turned-into-an-ATA should be changed. Posted various Ret-Cons for existing clix of the SerpSoc. Posted a metric butt-tonne of Wish-List posts for other members. I do hope the existing pieces from ULTIMATES and FANTASTIC FORCES get re-clixed, as well.

For Seth “Sidewinder” Voelker, here, there’s all sorts of snazzy new mechanics in the game to take advantage of, not to mention developments on the “design philosophy” side that can help represent his leadership role without *just* relying on the Leadership standard power. (Not that the Leadership power hasn’t seen some significant improvements since ‘Winder debuted; it has.)

Thing to keep in foremost in mind: Sidewinder isn’t a fighter. He’s Support/Utility. Insanely mobile. Improved Movement material all the way, plus various “support role” powers.  Not sure what or how, though. “Rainbow” it a bit? As in, alternate “support” powers down the dial, maybe starting and ending with Leaership, but putting some Perplex, or Enhancement, or Outwit, or Probability Control, in between. I guess that’s kinda “traditional”, but it works. And may encourage the player to push and use him for more than just Carrying.

The Carry ability for him is almost a “must”. And, as I tried to show via my Ret-Con Traits, “stealing objects”. His first appearance was at the head of the Roxxon Oil-funded covert group, out to obtain the ancient relic and power-totem called the “Serpent Crown”. Just to be specific, though, it doesn’t have to mean he “uses” the objects he acquires; it’d might be annoyingly cool to have a “harrasser” that might be able to “re-position” certain Relics that he can’t or hasn’t successfully picked up.

(I’m thinking of all the damn FEAR ITSELF hammers currently littering the maps in tourneys these days, but, obviously, would like to see WizKids also produce some Serpent Crowns, too.)

Not sure what I want to see, just that he needs a “re-do”.


Ret-Con Sidewinder


Completely reworking one of my first Ret-Cons (from 05 FEB 2010).  Dumping the idea of changing the Serpent Society team ability, as it’s become an “Additional Team Ability”. Still think they should have had a TA like the Ultimate X-Men TA instead, but nothing can be done about that.

The Serpent Society debuted in the ULTIMATES (2004) with the characters  Sidewinder, Anaconda, and Princess Python (all REV’s), and received a fourth character, Asp (also an REV)  in FANTASTIC FORCES (2005).  All have the potent Serpent Society Team Ability: “Characters using this team ability can use Phasing/Teleport.”  Something wild card TA’s can copy.  Mildly abusable.  (Not as popular as Batman Ally, Superman Ally/Ultimates, or the Mystics TA, but still useful.)

I believe the design philosophy was based on SerpSoc founder Sidewinder’s ability to rescue members if they were caught and incarcerated, pitched to potential SerpSoc recruits as a benefit (a “get out of jail free” card).   He’s a teleporter.  My opinion, though, that should be what Sidewinder does, and shouldn’t be the TA.  But, no changing that.  The team ability and its associated symbol are what they are now.

Sidewinder: He’s not really a good fighter.  If I remember the character’s history, he’s a Roxxon Oil financial exec that got his hands on some very high tech.  As part of an incarnation of the  Serpent Squad, he got assigned to retrieve a powerful ancient artifact, the Serpent Crown.  There’s our opening; not a good fighter, but a thief with an advantage (teleporting).

Homemade trait for the REV & LE —

Derivative Nth Projector Technology  When Sidewinder/Seth Voelker uses Phasing/Teleport and begins the action adjacent to a light or heavy object not held by a character, that object may be placed adjacent to Sidewinder/Seth Voelker after the action resolves.  After the action resolves roll one D6; on a result of 1 or 6, deal Sidewinder 1 unavoidable damage.

Mined the language of the Phantom Girl from the LoSH Starter and, of course, the Nightcrawler from WoS.

An an additional homemade Trait for the LE —

Benefits of Membership  As long as Seth Voelker can use Phasing/Teleport, Seth Voelker possesses the Carry ability.  When Seth Voelker uses the Carry ability, do not modify his movement by -2 when carrying a character with the Serpent Society keyword or team symbol. When using Carry, after the action resolves roll one D6; on a result of 1 or 6, deal Sidewinder 1 unavoidable damage.

Yeah, the effects have that annoying “feedback damage”, but he has more of a use now than “just” tie-up with the potential support/utility of Leadership (and Outwit, in the case of the LE).