2015: Marvel HeroClix & Supervillains (v1.2)

Finally had the chance to watch this 2014 Alliance Open House video of the various WizKids’ product previews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SalfaekKbNU  HCRealms.com has a had a couple of threads going about it, and here’s one http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=520242

Obviously, I’m only paying attention to the HeroClix stuff — don’t care about their DiceMasters to Attack Wing lines of games — and even then, I’m mostly concerned with the major Marvel release, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, and its related Storyline Organized Play Event, AGE OF ULTRON.

AVA [didn’t want to call it “AA”, as that’s exactly how the DC HeroClix ARKHAM ASYLUM set (2008) is abbreviated] looks killer. Looks to have a lot of previously-UnClixed characters. I’m stoked for a particular villainess I’ve wanted to see, but never gotten around to doing a “Wish-List” post for: Superia, the militant pro-matriarchy scientist and leader of the Femizons. (Have actually done some wish-listing for a couple of the Femizons, FYI.)


Still trying to absorb all the info.


Don’t know if anyone else used to watch “Romper Room” back in the 1970’s, but “I see….”

  • Superia
  • The Hood
  • Arno Stark, Iron Man 2020
  • Blue Marvel
  • Avengers Security Card resource stuff
  • a Quinjet
  • Grim Reaper
  • Red Wolf & Timber (looks like another “Removables/Detachables” mechanic! Yay!)
  • Master Pandemonium
  • Demolition Man!
  • Traithlon!
  • Others I don’t recognize! (But am happy to have appearing!)
  • Some welcome Giant and Tiny characters. 🙂

I wonder if WizKids is ditching naming sets after a single character or solely by a single team name? I keep hearing that the sets named CAPTAIN AMERICA, INCREDIBLE HULK, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, TEEN TITANS,  and so on didn’t sell well? No proof seen, but plenty of “anecdotal evidence” floating around the ‘Realms. (I still love CA, IH, and IIM, just based on character selection. Some have panned the sets as not having “strong” or “definitive” versions of the “title characters” in the sets with their names on them, but they had some cool, different representations. And the villains! Some solid debuts of “UnClixed” characters, some great “ReClixed” characters, too.)



Wish-List: Jackdaw (v1.1)

Jackdaw! Or Blackbird. (Preference: Jackdaw. Always wondered why Marvel tried to change her name.) I first encountered her as Blackbird in the pages of Greunwald’s run on the Captain America comics of late 80’s/early 90’s. I swear I thought of her as Jackdaw at the time, even though I had never read her original Incredible Hulk appearances. I think that was a result of reading about her in a Marvel handbook. (Sidenote: a “Jackdaw”, according to the dreaded Wikipedia, is a bird in the crow family, apparently frequent in parts of Europe.)


She’s “under-used”, difficult to find info on. What I mean by that is: “Who is she? What are her powers? Does she actually have any, or is she a ‘tech-villain’??” She refers to herself as a spy, and she starts out working for The Leader. Eventually ends up working for Superia as part of her Femizons. (Superia: “Taking the ‘War between the Sexes’ to the next level.”)

I hope she’s a mix of actual physical enhancements plus sci-fi-tech. Her roles as “spy” and “thief” kinda splices into Hulk’s “Rogues Gallery” elements of the Spymaster or Ghost (from Iron Man’s gallery) and The Vulture (from Spider-Man’s bevy of animal-themed robbers, muggers, and violent thugs). Even if that costume that *seems* to grant Flight is in fact armored, she seems capable of taking, of enduring quite a bit of physical knocks.

As far as HeroClix goes: Unfortunately, she screams “Pawn” to me (tie-up, Line of Fire blocking, Mastermind fodder”. With the {Wing} symbol, she could also be a competent taxi, or at least be more independent in zipping it for tie-up duty. Would actually like to see her with the {Wing/Transporter} symbol.

Working the “Spy” angle, and given her first appearances in Hulk’s comic, you could work in some sort of “object manipulation” type of special powers or Traits. Not making objects, but taking them, or denying use of them. Relics and Resources and Special Objects. Doesn’t need to completely deny use of said objects; just screw up their use, somehow.

Looking at some of the versions of DC Comics’ Catwoman we have in the game can give you a better idea —

DARK KNIGHT RISES #203 Catwoman (Attack slot) Cat Burglar: Catwoman can use Flurry. Give Catwoman a free action when she is adjacent to a heavy or light object and exchange that object for any other object on the map or held by another character; after doing so, roll a d6; on a result of 1-3, remove the exchanged object from the game.

DC HEROCLIX 10th ANNIVERSARY #015 Catwoman (Trait) Bad Luck When I Cross Your Path: Other characters within 6 squares of Catwoman assigned a relic or a resource can’t use the effects of the relic or resource.

BATMAN #007b Selina Kyle (Trait) Procurer of Fine Artifacts: Selina Kyle can use Stealth. Give Selina Kyle a free action when she is adjacent to a character with a relic on their character card and you may roll a d6 that can’t be re-rolled. If the result of that roll is one of the numbers required to pick up that relic, place the relic on Selina Kyle’s character card. Selina Kyle is not limited to rolling once per game for each relic.

Cant Help Myself: During the beginning of your turn, if Catwoman is adjacent to a relic or any character with a relic on its character card, remove that relic from the game.

— or it might be a bit simpler, such as with the Thule Society Priest–

FEAR ITSELF #001 Thule Society Priest (Attack slot) Relic Guardian: If a character attempts a relic roll while adjacent to a friendly character named “Thule Society Priest”, modify the relic roll by +1 if not already increased by this effect. If a character attempts a relic roll while adjacent to an opposing character named “Thule Society Priest”, modify the relic roll by -1 if not already decreased by this effect.

— The trick will be to keep her relatively cheap. “Mobile Pawn” has to be her main function, the “object use-disrupting” a perk.

ASIDE: While I’m thinking of Relics and such, a long while back I did a “wish-List” post for Roger Bochs, the creator of the “Box”, which was originally psi-helmet controlled robot. In Jackdaw’s initial appearances in the Hulk’s books, she at one point puts on a sensor-vest-thingy that allows her to control the giant Megalith robot. “Dear WizKids”: it would be cool to get Megalith, and a relic to control him. Another obscure character from Hulk’s history is always welcome. (And might lead to Roger Bochs/Box. Love the idea of a 3D relic, used for one character in the game to “control” an automaton. Not exactly like the recent The Zombie from the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set, but similar, I suppose.)

Wish-List: Marvel’s Iron Maiden (v1.2)

IRON MAIDEN. Another “Wish-List” entry, this time for a Marvel Comics “villainess” that I first encountered in the 1980’s run of “Captain America” of writer Mark Greunwald, as part of Superia‘s “Femizons“. ([EDIT, 2015-03-21: Removed a rumor I’d heard at the time about the IM3 movie, because it was totally untrue.] Also, the name was used in the “Earth-X” story, one of Marvel’s “parallel earth” stories. And, apparently, there are a few others. Marvel’s Wikia says this version was captured by the Thunderbolts during the “Superhuman Registration Act/Civil War”.)

Iron_Maiden_Vostokovna_Mash-UpIRON MAIDEN. Real Name: Melina Vostokovna, at one time a KGB agent. Basically, trained assassin, specializes in hand-to-hand combat. Keywords could be Spy, Soldier, and Martial Artist.

The armor appears to have minor strength enhancement abilities, doesn’t impede her agility or reflex speed at all. Any superhuman strength displayed has been less about picking up objects to smack an opponent with (traditional use in the game of HeroClix), more about wall-busting and grappling with opponents. So, opportunity here for Improved Movement: Ignore/Destroy Blocking Terrain, or simply rely on the wall-busting use of Super Strength, maybe in the form of a special power that only allows Iron Maiden to hold light objects?

Standard Powers: Heck, taking into account her “spy/martial artist-spliced-with-brick” role, she qualifies for: Leap/Climb, Plasticity, Stealth, Charge, Flurry, Super Strength, Incapacitate, Quake, Willpower (hey, it’s been used to represent brick/brutes and acrobatic kung-fu types), Impervious, Toughness, Invulnerability, Combat Reflexes, Energy Shield/Deflection, Super Senses, Close Combat Expert, maybe Exploit Weakness, maybe even Battle Fury.

So, which route to go? I think maybe a “Terminator”-like dial design; relentless, if not very fast. Suggestion: Indomitable. Trait-based Invulnerability. No Charge or “move and attack” of any kind. Clicks of Life: minimum 6, would prefer 7. Improved Movement: Destroy Blocking Terrain. Steady attack values of 10 and 9 down the dial. Average speed values.  Steady defense values of 16. And,… Steady damage value of 2 down the dial. “Spotty dial”; no “runs” of powers, just alternate frequently in suitable “combos” of standard powers. Plasticity/ESD/CCE on one click, Flurry/CR/EW on another, Plas/CR on anther, maybe *just* a single power showing on other clicks.

“ReClix” Wish-List: Deadly Nightshade (v3.3)

EDIT (2014-09-04): Dropping in some more pictures. Post is due for a rework, as I have more ideas for a “ReClix” as well as more pictures for a new, additional “collage”. 🙂
EDIT (12 NOV 2012): Re-work & Re-post of an older entry, originally posted 17 SEP 2011.

CA027 Nightshade sans Deadly

Surprise, surprise, another Wish-List post. This time, a “ReClix” Wish.

Deadly Nightshade by Illmosis 2006

Back when I could set up a “solitaire game” and tinker around with my clix, had a lot of fun with Nightshade, CA#027 @ 72 points, pairing her on teams with unlikely male “pets”, while testing homemade rules and tweaks.  Tried to use that “Werewolf Serum” to good use.   

deadly nightshade by baird

Notables at the time were —

  • Bouncing Boy (JL#016.  This guy was fun.  Started out, he was going to be a taxi that could attack while carrying her in.  Thanks to his “Ricochet” SP, I started having her stay out of the fight, “wolf” him up, and send him in.  The “BCF-1” of the “Werewolf Serum” meant he had a better than average chance — depending on the target — of using “Ricochet”.)
  • Two-Gun Kid (AV#049)
  • Super-Ape Igor (SNV#019)
  • Ant-Man (SNV#049)
  • Captain America (IC#068)
  • Falcon (SIN#055.  First one I paired her with, actually.  He was a cheap taxi, and I’d have them base the target together, after she’d “wolf him” at the beginning of the turn.  If they survived, she’d switch to “wolfing” the opposing character, to keep from being attacked.  Gradually tried out the other SINISTER versions of Falcon, before moving to Bouncing Boy and others.)
  • Lockjaw, all FF REV.

Otherwise, a lot of low-point older characters, from Thugs and Criminals to all forms of Police and SWAT.

This versions Special Power:

Werewolf Serum: At the beginning of your turn, you may choose an adjacent character. That character can use Blades/Claws/Fangs and possesses Battle Fury but can’t attack Nightshade. When rolling a d6 for Blades/Claws/Fangs, the chosen character subtracts 1 from the result, minimum 1. These effects last until your next turn, even if this power is countered or lost.

My favorite thing about this power? Well, from the HCRealms.com “Final Word” rules forum —

Q: This power lets me choose any adjacent character, right? It does not specify friendly or opposing.

A: Correct. You can either boost a friendly character with some nice Blades/Claws/Fangs (works great with Charge, Exploit Weakness, or Flurry) or you can potentially trap an opposing character for a turn since they can’t attack Nightshade and (since they are adjacent to her) would be forced to break away if they wanted to move to another position.

Isn’t that awesome?! I like it. “Buff-up” an ally, or use it as a kind of “tie-up”. Could use variations on this for other types of characters whose gig is to transform people against their will.

Deadly Nightshade Altar

So, why do I want to see her “ReClixed”? Primarily, all the developments in “multiple starting line” designs. Would like to see that sculpt re-used, as it’s my favorite version of her, but wouldn’t mind seeing her “M.O.D.O.K.’s 11” appearance immortalized in plastic either.

She could be a Unique, with starting lines at 125 and 80 points. Would like to see that SP re-used as a Trait Ability. Newer SP’s could include a Leadership twist involving, say, only being able to use if to remove tokens from characters affected by her Serum, but she can ignore the point value of that character, maybe even requirements that the character be adjacent. Maybe. I like the thought. I do think the original SP wording needs some sort of limits, though, like characters with Armor and Robot keywords not being subject to it.

She is also a criminal operator in her own right. Yes, she’s worked for the Yellow Claw, M.O.D.O.K., and Superia, but she’s run her own schemes and gambits. Would like to see some of the love that’s been given to the likes of the Barons Zemo, Red Skull, and other “Big Bads” given to her.

Collage Time! 🙂 (Love her dark skin tone, love her ‘fro.)

Wish-List: M.O.D.A.M. (Marvel) (V1.6)


M.O.D.A.M., appearing in the 1980’s/90’s, seemed to be intended as a replacement for M.O.D.O.K.

M.O.D.O.K. had been assassinated by the Serpent Society, under contract by A.I.M.  I don’t find her as interesting as the original.  Don’t think writers and editorial at Marvel did either, as MODOK was “resurrected” in the 1990’s and continues to be a interesting supervillain that spawns all manner of shenanigans for the Marvel heroes.

MODAM, my opinion, looked to have less in the way of raw psionic power compared to MODOK, but her “hover chair” had more weapons.  (I wonder if she was more of the prototype for the army of “Super-MODOKs” that appeared in “Captain America: Reborn” than the original MODOK?)  Given what WizKids did for MODOK in last July’s CAPTAIN AMERICA Marvel HeroClix set, I would hope to see just as impressive a sculpt for MODAM.  Along with the “Super-MODOK”, I wonder if she might be a “Super-Booster” candidate?

Potential powers and “Neapolitan special powers” and abilities run the gamut:

  • The usual “psychic/psionic” powers: Mind Control, Telekinesis, Force Blast, and/or Penetrating/Psychic Blast.
  • The usual “evil genius” powers: Outwit, Perplex, Probability Control.
  • The usual powers used for “advanced weaponry”: Ranged Combat Expert, Energy Explosion, possibly Quake.
  • May definitely qualify for Running Shot or Charge, but I’d rather see her with {Wing/Transporter}, which would cover Flight, Carry, and Move & Attack abilities.
  • The telescoping, pincered mechanical arms hint at a Special Power involving the Giant Reach ability, or at least Plasticity; wouldn’t object to some sort of Capture variant either.
  • MODOK’s defensive abilities have been represented via damage reducers as well as ES/D; the latest also had Regeneration, as a nod toward “self-repair” tech.  All would be applicable to MODAM.
  • Typical thing to do is slap the Hydra TA on her, since she’s another AIM creation.  But, I think I’d rather save those points for other abilities; voting “No TA”.
  • Keywords: So far in the comics, she has never really been represented as a “Scientist” type, as MODOK has.  Definitely should get the “AIM” keyword, and given how she’s been used by AIM, maybe the “Soldier” or “Warrior” keywords as well.  In a twist, I think it would be neat to give her the “Armor” keyword; shaky justification, though.

As per the tags at the top of the page, she could be part of a “supervillains”, “Captain America/Avengers”, or “Marvel Monsters/sci-fi” theme.