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Okay, I managed to completely miss this announcement. Very cool design work. 

*sigh* And it looks like it’ll be hard for me to get. Nutz. But, that’s what eBay is for.

I actually have a tattered “Treasury Edition” version of the comic, bought it at a flea market back in the 1980’s. Man, what memories.

WizKids’ “Thanksgaming” Team Article.

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I completely missed WizKids posting this last week. Time to catch up. Their article showcases two pieces from last week’s DC HeroClix THE JOKER’S WILD set release, as well as ‘older’ pieces from DC HeroClix WORLD’S FINEST and SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN releases. 

“Task Force X”

Saw the 5:30pm showing of “Suicide Squad”. Short answer: I liked it. Way, way more fun than “Batman v. Superman”. Caveat: I’m very forgiving of superhero genre movies.

More comments later, maybe tomorrow.


As with “Man of Steel” and BvS, I end up liking the actors, really like certain “moments” (“character beats”), and certain scenes or exchanges of dialog between characters, and become really forgiving of some definite…. “choppiness”?…. of these movies overall.

For example,  “best superhero movie of the year”? “Captain America: Civil War”. Smooth, like a fresh jar of Skippy. Juggles a lot of characters very well. Story? Cap is trying to save his best friend and war-buddy. Who happens to be a wanted assassin. Who gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and is being hunted. Cap is defying the authorities and the public to do so. Unknowingly doing exactly what the shadowy “big bad” who framed his friend wants him to do.

“Batman v. Superman”? I still can’t really say why they were fighting. I get the Lex Luther’s machinations to make them fight, his manipulation of B and S, although the fight still seems like it shouldn’t have happened.

“Suicide Squad”: Twisty, turny. Wonderful character beats. Basic plot? Essentially “Government’s own ‘unusual weapon of mass destruction’ gets ‘compromised’, Task Force X is activated to remove the threat, hopefully without killing each other in the process.”

Still, I didn’t buy at the end that the “Suicide Squad” thought of itself as a “family”, although I did buy that Deadshot and Colonel Flag did respect each other.

Viola Davis was an excellent Amanda Waller. “You believe in friendship, I believe in leverage.” Spot. On.

Loved Harley Quinn. Had to remind myself she’s a murderous monster (easier to do when she was sharing the screen with The Joker).

Will Smith’s Deadshot definitely came off as more of a “We mostly killed each other” kind of criminal underworld assassin. Hope Smith does appears again.

Rick Flag was not a Captain America-style “straight arrow,” even stating how he’s had to “bury a few of his own mistakes”.

All the actors really owned their characters. Wish they hadn’t made Slipknot so disposable, but you saw it coming by the way he was introduced.

EDIT II: Thinking….

“Captain America: The First Avenger” is the only “Marvel Cinematic Universe” movie I can think of that had two definite opposing sides with their own visions of “how the world should be run” clashing, spiced with some of the usual “someone’s sin(s) of the past come home to roost”. (Maybe GotG?)

Most of the others seem to be “enemy came within” plus the “sins/roost” thing.

The DC Comics Universe” movies? Not sure.


Suicide Is Aimless – MTV: http://www.mtv.com/news/2914651/suicide-squad-margot-robbie-will-smith-review/ Best rundown of the movie’s faults.

Margot Robbie on becoming Harley Quinn and ‘the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever done’ – The Washington Post:

“B v. S”

Hoping to see Batman v. Superman this weekend. bit of trepidation after hearing both of these:
— and —

“What comic fans expect…” As in, “what they expect [or demand] out of a superhero movie”…. I’m not sure. Can only speak for myself.

Favorite ‘comic book superhero’ genre movies so far:

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  2. Captain America: The First Avenger
  3. Tied: all the MCU movies.
  4. Both Hellboy movies.
  5. [EDIT (2026-03-25): Well, and the Nolan/Bale “Batman” flicks.]
  6. [EDIT (2016-03-26): And many of the Fox “X-Men” flicks.]

After that, I’m largely “liking” movies based on individual “elements” or “components” that I really liked, and accepting the rest of the movie. Sometimes out of pity.

Man of Steel? I liked it, years ago. I still like it, but after seeing it on TV recently, I realized I was definitely in “elements/components” mode. Loved Michael Shannon (sp?) as a very different General Zod. Loved that version of Krypton as a whole, with all the hints at its history, of how the civilization of Krypton developed and ultimately declined over, what?, a dozen millennia? Speculating on what effects they may have had on other humanoid and non-humanoid species across the universe, before what was left ended up on our little mud ball.

I’m a ‘fan’ of Superman as a character mostly out of respect for the mish-mash genre he has heralded. I find most of his stories too boring because he’s too powerful. I prefer him “superhuman” but not “God-like”. Got my own ideas how to do that.

But, I intend to see the movie. At least once in the theaters.

Then mull over what I’d like to see done to improve the experience.

Right now, enjoying catching TV’s The Flash, GOTHAM, Lucifer, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. When I can. Plenty of “elements/components” I like out of all of them. None of them “affect” me though through the stories and storytelling the way other shows like FARGO, The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul have. How can we get that into the other shows??

EDIT II (2016-03-25): Saw the 7pm 3D showing of Batman v Superman tonight.

Short answer: per the caveats above, I liked it.

Long answer: coming tomorrow. Now, to bed.

EDIT III (2016-03-26):
Descriptions by critics that BvS is “dour” are correct.
Descriptions by critics that BvS is “too busy setting up subplots” are understandable.

Would like to say, Gal Gadot makes an excellent Wonder Woman, and I hope the coming DC Comics WW movies are as well done as Marvel’s Captain America movies.

Would like to say, Ben Affleck made an excellent Bruce Wayne/Batman. “20 years.” Shades of Frank Miller’s slightly cynical take on The Bat.

Would like to say, I really enjoyed this movie’s version of Lex Luthor. Love the “sidestep” they took, making him “Alexander Luthor, Jr.”, that his “dearly departed” father was the “Lex in LexCorp”.

SPOILER ALERT (not much of one): Lex’ manipulations are why Bruce becomes obsessed with taking down Superman, exploiting the trauma of the destruction caused by Superman’s fight against the invading Kryptonians in Man of Steel. Wish I could better explain Clark Kent’s obsession with Batman.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman. He’s good. Take is still very different from the “more-relaxed-and-confidant” interpretations by Christopher Reeve and George Reeves. Cavill’s always seems more at ease being Clark, and stiff and self-conscious as Superman. It’s like, as “Superman”, Clark very aware of his power and how people perceive him. As “Superman”, he can’t let his guard down while “on duty”.

Other points: Loved how they drew in elements of various stories from the comic books. LOVED the “Captain America versus HYDRA”-like sequence (don’t want to reveal too much, so I’ll settle for saying that).

It’s not that this movie lacked plot. It didn’t. Basic plot: villain pits heroes against each other, hoping to eliminate both, unleashing mayhem on everyone and causing more collateral damage. After that, it’s character personalities on a collision course, followed by a team-up.

Have to admit, I don’t get the “blood curse” trope of the “end boss/monster”.

Still. I enjoyed the “dour”. Makes me want to see DEADPOOL again, though, for something more “light-hearted”.

EDIT IV (2016-03-26): Also, didn’t realize Gotham and Metropolis would be so close geographically, for the movie. Then again, both Metropolis and Gotham City are comic book stand-ins for New York City. I mean, what’s it mean for the DC Universe? Metropolis is New York City, and Gotham City is Newark, New Jersey?

EDIT V (2016-03-26): Really jazzed-up about the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer as well, although I worry the movie will be less about Steve Rogers, and become as “busy” as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hope it doesn’t, hope it’s better.

Plopping these here: “Steve Rogers Isn’t Just Any Hero” and “Cut from ‘The Avengers’: Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter scene”

EDIT VI (2016-03-26): Thought occurred to me: Batman v. Superman should have been divided and reorganized into two 98-minute movies, one release one weekend, the other released the second weekend.

The first one could have been all about Bruce, with cameos by Clark Kent and Superman and Lex, with a cliffhanger ending before the Batman versus Superman ‘title bout’. Considering Bruce’s nightmares, would’ve been fun, his degenerating state after “20 years fighting crime in Gotham [Newark] City” with Alfred. Add a few action set-pieces of Bats doing detective work and fighting organized crime. Title this movie “Batman Strikes Again“. The ‘feint’ being we think the “B v. S” fight will be Superman trying to stop what seems to be an ever-more aggressive and out-of-control Bruce, whom he doesn’t know was preparing Kryptonite weapons to fight him.

Second movie, rewind a bit to follow Clark’s story, including all the Lois & Clark scenes, including more of the Lex scenes, including the scene with Lex doing his monologue with Supes on the helipad that sets up ‘title bout’.  This one becomes “Batman v. Superman”.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice should have been two movies, for cleaner story-telling.


Whoah, that is one cool character I’ll probably never be able to get my hands on. (Starting to regret my self-imposed budget restrictions. But, I have to maintain them.)