The Ground Beneath Our Feet – 1A

Add “Soil Fertility/Sustainability” under the section of “Agriculture” on *this* taxpayer/voter/citizen’s list of “Infrastructure Concerns”.

As a Jesus-Lovin’ Deist and “Purple Republican”, it reinforces my misgivings about Trump and the Conservatives ramming thru tax cuts for the already-well-off upper crust, when the economy is still growing well, unemployment is down, and we could use the tax revenue on short-, medium-, and long-term infrastructure and defense projects that would offer better economic growth here at home….


“Global approaches to climate change.”

After Paris: Global approaches to climate change | Public Radio International:

From introduction: “…Finally, we assess the US approach to climate change and why the military and others are calling for the Trump Administration to stay in the Paris Agreement.”


Synthetic Genomics and ExxonMobil Renew Algae Biofuels Research Agreement – Synthetic Genomics, Inc.:

Trump’s Budget Slashes Climate Change Funding : The Two-Way : NPR:

Study: ‘Urgent’ Action Against Global Warming Needed To Save Coral Reefs : The Two-Way : NPR:

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