So, I’m at work (on a Sunday) trying to catch up on paperwork (so i can actually build on Monday,  rather than get ‘trapped’ at my desk), and remember, “Holy Smokes, I still have a case of DC Comics HeroClix THE JOKER’S WILD back at my humble adobe that I never opened!” That’s from November. 

Then I think, “Man, what’s due to come out next?!” Been so busy with work and parents/grandparent stuff, it just hit me that it’s February already.

I’m getting ready to shutdown and packnit in, so I bop on over to the HeroClix site and find a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF. Holy Moley, a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix *and* a Marvel preview that get me woody —

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Swarm | HeroClix:

Blammo! Lovely, deceptively ‘simple’ design, dial to sculpt. Simply wonderful.

Emailed a local vendor to reserve 2 cases.

I need to decide on the other TMNT stuff soon, too. In or out?


Wish-List: Annihilation Wave (v1.1)

Wow, this blog has really “devolved” into a “Wish-Listing”. Ah, well.

I am way, way behind on what’s happening in the Marvel and DC Comics universes. Only have so much disposable income, and a lot of that goes into supporting the game of HeroClix. The local public library has helped a bit. Managed to read much of the Marvel “Annihilation” at the library, years ago. It was a huge event, and revitalized Marvel’s “Space” or “Cosmic” multiverse. It also helped lead to “Secret Invasion”.

Now, years ago WizKids came out with a clix-game called HorrorClix. It was not compatible with the “main” super-hero HeroClix game. Which was a shame, as there were a lot of potential “generic” army figures that many fans had been calling for for the super-hero game. From zombies to clones to evil spirits to velociraptor to vampires to mutant plant monsters and so on.

When WizKids rose like a phoenix, I was hopeful we’d see HorrorClix return, but as fully compatible with “regular” HC. Really “expand the arsenal” with generic army builders. Villains from Annihilus to High Evolutionary to Arnim Zola to Mephisto to Nightmare (as yet unclixed) Yellow/Golden Claw could use such generic monstrosities in their attempts to Take Over The World ™ or just be a general nuisance.

Didn’t happen.

Glimmer of hope came about last year with the announcement of GALACTIC GUARDIANS, hope of seeing Annihilus’ “Annihilation Wave” insectoid troops. Insectoid aliens from another dimension. Gotta love that. Could have pulled “double duty” in other theme-builds as well. (Also, not only hoped for a new Annihilus and his Queens.)

The set rolls in around June 2012. Disappointment. A good set to be sure. A lot of “Unclixed” characters finally saw the light of day. But now armies of insectoid troops to accumulate, to trade for, to hunt down. No “Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber quoting Alexander the Great” moments, surveying said insectoid troops’ placement on a HC map. Sadness.

But. “NuWizKids”. They roll right along. Incredible expansions in gameplay and character selection.

I hold out hope again. Must ne the Northeast Ohioan in me, being this close to Cleveland and its sports teams, but: “Wait until next year….”


Wish-List: Swarm (Marvel; v2.2)

EDIT (18 AUG 2012): Okay, WizKids previewed the “Flock of Bats” this week as part of its DC HeroClix BATMAN set previews, giving us what are in effect “3D Bystander Tokens”, a sculpt on a base that shows only one set of stats (like a Bystander Token, thus costing points to add to your force and functioning like a character).

In light of that, I’m pulling this “Wish-List” post forward in time from last January, slapping in an inspirational mash-up picture, and going to hope WizKids can get us a similarly inspired Swarm. Because, damn, I’ve been asking for this. 🙂

I hope that they can apply this kinda thing to other characters as well. Aquaman has already come up as a “candidate” over on by one of his fans.

And soon thereafter I threw out names like: Marvel’s villain Swarm. Madrox the Multiple Man. DC’s Multiplex or Silent Majority. Marvel’s version of Scarecrow, with his “murder of crows”. Marvel’s own Falcon now has the power to telepathically communicate with birds (Aquaman-style, almost). DC’s modern Mr. Terrific has his high-tech “T-Spheres”.

Then there’s the possibility of “Constructs” for any of DC’s Lanterns. Not necessarily as “Attachable Items”, either. What’s so neat about the recent three “Flock of Bats” previewed is that they all have separate point-costs, just like Bystander Tokens. Or “generics”. You can field them without the Batman characters they’re intended for (you lose some benefits, obviously, but they’re *cheap* points-wise). So, in the area of “Constructs”, you have the potential for Lanterns or for a version of Quasar (Marvel) or other matter or energy manipulating characters (or the “summoning” types of magickal characters) to bring in a small “team” of these cheapies at the start of the game. Maybe being able to ‘summon’ some back after K.O. Maybe. Not always, just “maybe”, depending on the character and the interests of game balance.

Gotta say, just loving what WizKids’ design is pumping out since the advent of the Era of Special Powers and Character Cards.

Anyway, Original body of the post from back on 24 JAN 2012:

ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSWARM!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Another oddball Marvel Comics supervillain.  Marvel has milked the “Nazi angle” for its supervillains, and in Marvel’s fictional universe, Dr. Fritz von Meyer here was one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite scientists.  (I’ll bet Arnim Zola was jealous…) Shorthand: The irradiated skeleton is not only the “haunted home”  of the spirit of this dead Nazi scientist but also the “mobile home” of a swarm of mutated killer bees!  Gotta love the quirkiness, the weirdness of comics.  (I do.)

So far in HeroClix, this is what we have: A “Bystander Token” the MUTATIONS & MONSTERS set.

Wow! Isn’t that awesome?! …. Yeah, so….

On the one hand: I guess the cardboard “Bystander Token” works, in that you could play a “swarm team” of these “one-click wonders”.  At 11 points you could play 27 of them for a 297 point team.  Wow.  Awesome.  And your opponent would thank for finally giving him an excuse to use that single-target Energy Explosion instead of using his printed damage value.

On the other hand: He could be a really cool HeroClix piece in this day and age of Special Powers and Traits.  (Yes, the “pog” above debuted in this era, in MUTATIONS & MONSTERS specifically, but for whatever reason, WizKids missed the opportunity for something quirky.)

What I’d like to see:

  • Double-base (the “peanut base”).
  • Sculpt: make use of some sort of amber-colored translucent material, “bubbly”.
  • Duo attack.
  • Poison.
  • Trait granting Flight, because I think we should avoid the {Wing} symbol, which would grant the Carry ability as well; He has Carried in the comics, yes, but we don’t need that for clix, would rather give him some mobility while saving points for a few other cool things.
  • Smoke Cloud is not out of the question, and I do see him as a nuisance piece, a “board control” piece.  Would like to see a Special Power that combines effects we’ve seen before, like  AA#026 Nightshade’s “From the Land of Nightshades” SP with AA#005 Floronic Man’s two SP’s, “Wilt Plant Growth” and “In Touch With The Green”.
  • Or, some kind of “Character Token” or “Construct Token” generating Special Power.  Examples include recent characters like CA#030 Falcon and CA#056 Squirrel Girl, DC75#043 Larfleeze, or — OR! — more like CD#225 The Spectre’s “Angry Spirit” SP/T; at least in the way it generates the Tokens (but not the stats the tokens can have).
  • It would be neat for that last one if he could get the “Removables/Detachables” game element treatment, with some 3D “swarm cloud” objects that were detachable from the peanut base.  (As with Squirrel Girl, that could be a good way to limit how many he can generate and have on the map at any one time.)
  • With such a”detachable” 3D  element, there’s an excuse to keep his ranged attack abilities at 4 or 3 range value and one target.  Otherwise, I’d prefer the “standard” 6 range, and give him 3 {Bolt}’s for “hedge your bets” ranged attacking.
  • That he be worthy of the Unique designation.  Yes, I said before he’d be more nuisance than heavy-hitting center-piece.  Doesn’t mean he can’t be “powerfully annoying”.  No he won’t be all that dangerous to any character with damage reducers.
  • Actually would want to see him at Rare level, if not Super-Rare.
  • **Under 100 points!** (Crucial.)
  • “Set Theme”: as my tags indicate, “Villains”, “Spider-Man”, or even “Marvel Monsters” set themes would be appropriate.
  • Keywords: Well, Scientist for one, Animal and Monster would work, and Exterminators (not much of a team, that one).
  • Team Abilities: None (though he’s a Spider-Man enemy, mostly, can’t justify the Sinister Syndicate TA at all).

EDIT (2014-12-16): Saw this post was getting some traffic, checked it out, noticed some spelling errors, and then corrected those errors. Added some tags. No other changes made.