Trump visits Ohio to tout $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan – The Blade:

MARKETPLACE: 03/29/2018: Trump pushes his stalled infrastructure plan:

[Still not understanding how all the infrastructure and military modernization we need will be paid for.]

[Meanwhile, on the “Defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic” front–]

From NPR News: As Atlanta Seeks To Restore Services, Ransomware Attacks Are On The Rise

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As a private citizen, a tax-paying, voting blue-collar type, my opinion: I didn’t vote for Trump. He seemed like another Putin-worshipping wannabe oligarch. Whatever Trump’s beliefs on how awesome he is, I think he’s played into Putin’s hands: Trump and his ‘allies’ protect themselves and seek more wealth and power by trying to shred the system of checks and balances and power-sharing, and the institutions we need to make those systems work.

Putin and his oligarchical kleptocracy love they’ve got some ‘useful idiot’ allies in Washington, doing their undermining for them.

I usually cast a skeptical eye at the FBI and the intelligence community. Some citizen-level ‘we need them to do what they do, but they need to be held in check’ skepticism.

But, Trump & Co. against the DoJ and the intelligence community? I’ll believe them over Trump.

Let the sunshine in, cleanse the place.

China makes its plays, rolling out red carpet for POTUS Trump. (2017/11/09: 562989686): trump-touts-great-chemistry-with-chinas-xi-as-leaders-agree-to-closer-ties 2017/10/24 (559889571): how-china-is-making-moves-to-be-the-dominant-player-in-the-asian-pacific-region 2017/11/07 (562486194): ex-spy-in-beijing-on-what-his-cia-experience-taught-him-about-china (2017/11/06: 562270850): chinese-electric-carmaker-aims-to-become-a-global-brand

“Meanwhile, back at the ranch…” 2017/11/09 (562941660: republicans-move-on-tax-overhaul-in-house-and-senate 2017/11/02 (561639579): chart-how-the-tax-overhaul-would-affect-you 2017/11/09 (562960732): house-gop-tax-plan-is-little-help-to-high-tax-states-like-new-jersey 2017/11/05 (561904209): the-russia-investigations-d-c-braces-for-more-from-mueller-ripple-effects-widen (2017/11/06: 561587174): the-alternative-russia-scandal 2017/11/05 (562058208): how-russia-weaponized-social-media-with-social-bots

fiduciary: Definition from

Get the definition for fiduciary: at

Trump has been using this word a lot today. Getting the feeling after reading the definition that he may be using it incorrectly. Not sure; I’m just a layman. 

When I have money put into my 401k, for example, wish could trust that the firm investing the money on my behalf has a sense of fiduciary responsibility. But, I’m not sure if that’s correct. They know I’m participating in thier selection of mutual funds in an effort to save toward a “working retirement”, and ‘they’ understand investment markets better than i do. I rely on them being good, honest, and professional. 

Is Trump conflating his roles as business owner and father as a “fiduciary responsibility”? I don’t know, I’m asking. 

Trump reminds Jane Goodall of male chimpanzees she’s studied – Women in the World (& NYT)

Finally. I finally understand why — even as a Republican — I have preferred Hillary over Trump, consciously as well as instinctively: Hillary’s the “more highly evolved” one.

EDIT (2016-09-25):

 ‘New York Times’ Editor: ‘We Owed It To Our Readers’ To Call Trump Claims Lies


Ten Signs You Might Be a Libertarian – Freakonomics Radio:
FWIW: I am not a Libertarian or a libertarian. I did go to the Libertarian website months ago, read the party platform, even printed it out. I found this episode of Freakonomics fascinating, but I’m still a Moderate/ Centrist Republican (pro-science and research, pro-civil rights, but want taxes kept as low as possible, for taxes dollars to be used wisely, and balancing oversight of markets).

The Science Of Trump: Energy, Space And Military Tech — Features – FiveThirtyEight

Hillary Clinton says she believes in science. Donald Trump isn’t a “great believer” in human-caused climate change. But that doesn’t mean that Trump hates all science or that Clinton would always make the same choices as a lab technician. Truth is, “science” is more than one thing and every politician has sciences they prioritize and…

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