Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Vehicles!

Last Friday, WizKids posted a strategy article to the site featuring three of the vehicles from the recent Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. “regular blind booster” expansion set: Fun/good article. I’m only goingto re-post the vehicles here —

FINAL-MV26-NFAOS-Preview-sheet_Page_76-copyMV26-Avengers-Sky-cycleMV26-SHIELD-Space-RigOf the above, the only one I haven’t acquired yet is the SHIELD Space Rig. I hope WizKids does a strategy article for the remaining Vehicles from NFAOS. Many complain about “previews after a set’s release”, but it seems like that whatchamacallit, the “long tail of advertising” thing? (Reminding people of what cool stuff just hit the shelves, rather than letting the “Done, done, on to the next one!” crowd divert everyone’s attention with immediate cries for previews/info on the *next* set coming down the pike.)

Brief Wish-List for more Marvel HeroClix Vehicles.

Now that WizKids Game Design Team has done an awesome refinememt of the Vehicles rules/mechanics, would like to reiterate some hopes for future Vehicles, to wit:

  • Red Ronin or (if they can get the licensing) the Shogun Warriors. Like the recent Hulkbuster Mark II, they could be “Build-A-Clix” as well as Vehicles.
  • Big Wheel (It’s seen some modern appearances).
  • “Spider-Mobile” (IIRC: created as a toy, then tied into the Spider-Man books, way back in the 1970’s)
  • Ghost Rider’s Motor Cycle (the Danny Ketch one, at least as I remember from the 1980’s; they could get really wonky with such a “possessed” vehicle. I’ll have to read-up to see if the Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider uses it, of still “conjures” his versions from “mystical Hellfire” like back in the 1970’s. I have no clue about the more-modern female Ghost Rider, need to read-up on her as well.)
  • An Avengers Sky-Cycle for  Captain America. Hawkeye wasn’t the only Avenger to use one regularly.
  • That “Kirby-Tech” contraption The Thing used to ride like a sky-cycle.
  • Some version of the “Fantasticar”.
  • Meteor Man/The Looter’s “Balloon-Pack” (Bwha-hahahahahahaha!)
  • Green Goblin’s or Hobgoblin’s “Goblin Glider”.
  • Jack-O-Lantern’s “Pogo-Platform” (It gets described as a hovercraft now, but it used to be some sort of “repulsor-tech” derivative, and he’d use it to bounce from surface to surface.)
  • The Leader’s “Tri-Pod” thingy.
  • what about MODOK’s hover chair….?

More later, I hope….


  • Doctor Octopus’ Arms (Yes, I know they are in the game as a special object. Hear me out. (1) Since the Sam Raimi movie version, the whole “A.I. controlled arms” thing has leaked back into the comics’ version of Doc Ock, and (2) writer Mark Waid took things a step futher with his version of Doc Ock as “invalid”, by having a more complex and versatile assembly. I think there could be a Clix interpretation as a Vehicle. Might rock.

Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Big Wheel (v1.1)

Always worth reminding myself: The game of HeroClix makes me want to see “character concepts” and “characters” that I didn’t care for in the comics become HeroClix game pieces. Big Wheel is one of those.

Jackson Weele and his Big Wheel vehicle. Not going to get into the history of this “mort”, but will say his Vehicle was designed and built by the “Terrible Tinkerer”, an independent inventor, engineer, and supplier of various weapons to the Marvel Universe’s “supervillain underworld”. (Did a “Wish-List” post on the Tinkerer eons ago. Still would like to see him done.) For more on Big Wheel’s “history”, see .

Sidenote: Apparently, the Big Wheel vehicle itself has made more recent appearances in Marvel’s “Superior Spider-Man” comic, being piloted by a mutant calling himself Overdrive (powers related to telekinetic operation and reconfiguration of machinery, possibly “Techno-Virus” related (a “nano-robots as a virus” concept Marvel has used since the mid-1980’s)). If (maybe that’s “When”) WizKids produces another Spider-Man themed set, we’d get both Jackson Weele and Overdrive as characters.

HeroClix Bullet Points:

  • They could *just* do Big Wheel as one piece, Jackson inside his BW, one sculpture,….
  • …. But, I’d rather see the Big Wheel as a Giant-classed Vehicle on a 1×2 (“peanut”) base, with a separate Jackson Weele piece.
  • BIG WHEEL: The Big Wheel would NOT have an “Autopilot” dial. “Piloted” dial only; if no Pilot, it should be an Ultra Heavy object, maybe with “Continual”.
  • BIG WHEEL: {Foot/Transporter} symbol, and I think I can justify the {Sharpshooter} symbol as well.
  • BIG WHEEL: Basically, an 11-click dial for the Big Wheel, with most of what it can do tied combat abilities accessed via its combat symbols.
  • BIG WHEEL: Otherwise, standard powers. With two large “Waldo” robotic arms and various machine guns (sometimes lasers), the vehicle could qualify for Charge, Running Shot, Quake, Force Blast, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Ranged Combat Expert, Energy Explosion. Maybe Plasticity, Super Strength, Incapacitate. Defense powers? Not sure. Energy Shield/Deflection and Toughness? (Not really sure what the “baseline” should be for Vehicles.
  • BIG WHEEL: Tinkerer outfitted the Big Wheel with devices that enable it to drive up vertical surfaces. Don’t know the limits of that. Most of that is covered with the Giant Reach and Great Size combat abilities accessed via the Giant symbol.
  • BIG WHEEL: Capture combat ability? Variant thereof? Only granted when Piloted by Jackson Weele?
  • Jackson Weele: “split-dial” multiple staring line design. One starting line: 4, maybe 5, clicks of life. Special Powers or Traits producing bonuses when he’s piloting the BW; a way of showing his eventual specialized skills in piloting it, as well as occasional upgrades to the Vehicle.
  • Jackson Weele: The other starting line: 3 clicks of “vanilla Pilot”, maybe worth 6 to 10 points; a way of showing that although the vehicle was designed for him, Jackson was a “Rookie” at operating it in his first appearance, and it almost got him killed.
  • Jackson Weele: “Pilot” keyword (duh).

Big Wheel Mash-Up

From the most recent HeroClix Player’s Guide, language for some of the combat abilities, just for reference:

Big Wheel Combat Abilities HeroClix

And for further reference, Blue Beetle’s “Bug” from the DC HeroClix BATMAN set of 2012:


HeroClix & “Elaborate Death Traps” (v1.6)

EDIT (31 MAR 2014): Popped back in to change the title of the thread, some tags, and nothing else. (Looks like some were getting it confused with the “HeroClix Watch List” that WizKids is using now for tracking “game balance issues”.


[Originally posted on 21 AUG 2013]: “Scaling”. Specifically, scaling of powers or abilities in HeroClix. Touched a bit on it here on this blog. posting about the Super Strength standard power and the Carry combat ability. Scaling issues related to the “size” of a character, or the “type” of character (Vehicles versus “living” characters).

I finally got curious after reading the King Tut preview, concerning the “Elaborate Death Traps” popping up in the DC HeroClix BATMAN CLASSIC TV set. Wandered into the Rules Discussion Forum, found a couple threads on the topic. Example:

It’s an issue they need to address. There was plenty (enough) of bile spewed over Colossal-sized Galactus being able to jump into the Batmobile. Or wield the Infinity Gauntlet or Batman’s Utility Belt. Having a “standard-sized” character able to “Elaborate Death Trap” Galactus may be too much for some.

Hope the “lag time” in officially stamped resolutions for this aren’t too long.

So, “RESERVING THIS SPACE” for the issue(s).

I love Team Bases, Colossals, Vehicles. A lot of the “basic rules” for each seem fine, even if individual pieces need their rules “tweaked”. Resources, pretty much the same. But, in some areas the “basics” of those don’t seem to mesh well with other parts of the “Core Mechanics”.


HeroClix Tinkering: the “Gear” symbol (v1.7).

EDIT (31 MAR 2014): Okay, doing a “purge”. Keeping this post, while importing a few pictures and a little “content” from 2 other BSI-related posts that I’m deleting. Will note the “content” additions, but not the pictures.


(Originally Posted on 11 JUN 2013): Okay, have mentioned here and on other (now defunct) blogs about an attempt years ago of combining Clix-dials with 3D Objects for HeroClix, that I’d done a whole thread on it over in the “Dreams & Desires” area of HCRealms.Com. My usual amateur stuff. I called it “TrapClix”, for lack of any kind of better name. I don’t think anyone ever noticed. *shrug* It was worth a shot, though.

So, so, so many developments since then. So many changes and additions to the game. Addition of Relics and Resources, addition of Vehicles. Then there’s this recent introduction, via the BIOSHOCK INFINITE set —



A-mazing. BUT! But, they need to go further, continue to push the envelope.

WizKids introduced the “Gear” symbol many bleems ago, as part of a way to identify Object tokens as Special Object Tokens (which have more special game effects than standard objects).

When WizKids Game Design introduced Vehicles at the tail-end of 2012 (after working on it for years, I assume), they also included a new combat symbol to tie the Vehicle game effects to , which sort of looked like a car’s steering wheel. I expected it’d be another damage-slot combat symbol. Nope: it was a new Defense-slot symbol. That also opened up new variations, since the Damage-slot combat symbols have become one way to represent “size”; Tiny, standard, Giant, and Colossal. Most of the vehicles so far in the game are standard-sized, with one exception: The Bug, the Giant airborne Vehicle of the Blue Beetle. Awe. Some.

I’m wondering if there’s an opportunity here for the “Gear” symbol used for Special Objects could also become a Defense-slot symbol?

Could indicate a type of character that *is* an object, usually stationary. My own attempts, the “TrapClix” had to be considered part of your force (costing points), but were placed like objects during the beginning of the game. Also, tossed about ideas if they were “destroyed:, they could become regular objects that Super Strength characters could pick up and use as normal. That idea eventually morphed into the “Gear” symbol also appearing on the dial, after the “normal” stats ran out, but before “K.O.” clicks, which I proposed here on this blog under entries for the “MODOK-S” from Ed Brubaker’s “Captain America: REBORN” story.

There’s also the opportunity for such a “Gear” Defense-slot symbol establishing some inherent abilities. Such “TrapClix” could use Willpower, maybe an immunity to Mind Control (unless the character using Mind Control is a Robot, or has a Special Power or Trait ability specifically allowing it to affect “Gear” symbol’d characters).

The Turrets up above have cool Traits, allowing them to be Carried and placed. Cool. But, maybe for “Gear” symbol’d characters that would have to be determined by “weight class”? We currently have Light, Heavy, Ultra-Heavy, and Immobile. I still say we need a “class” that can be picked up by anyone, designated by a gray ring perhaps, that would do the same thing as the Traits the Turrets have.

Hmm. Just thinking about the possibilities gives me a tingle. “Gear” Defense-slot symbol. Then Tiny, standard, Giant, or Colossal sizes. Improved Targeting, or use of one of the traditional Attack-slot symbols.

I wonder if WizKids is designing other Improved symbols as well?

Anyway. Something to tinker with….
[IMPORTED] EDIT (10 JUL 2013): I had deleted this entry. Decided today to restore it, thus it popping back onto the blog with the original posting date. Clarification: I don’t play console or PC games much any more. I have no idea how “accurate” these pieces are to the game of “Bioshock Infinite”. I just like them as “army-building generics”. That’s where my bitching comes from: As with the older HorrorClix line, WizKids has this strange tendency to put some of the coolest stuff that fans of the superhero genre side of the game have been nearly-screaming for into the non-superhero offshoots. I mean, I know Marvel Comics and DC Comics may be pretty…. heavy handed (?) with thier licenses, so is that the reason some of the superhero stuff seems “muted”? Lack of “artistic license” for WizKids coming from the comics companies? I don’t know. Anyway, very glad this year’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN had such cool generics. But BSI has ratcheted things up a notch. IMHO.

Okay, I complained a few posts back about “whining”. I’m about to do some whining now (as opposed to “complaining about whining”). First, we shall “prime the pump”, so to speak —


So. WizKids. The “comic book superhero” side of the HeroClix game. The design of the Heroes has been getting really good over the years. Same with the Villains. “Generics” for the “Good Guys” have gotten really good. “Generics” for the “Bad Guys” side has kinda been lagging, methinks. Whatcha gonna do ‘boot that, eh?

What I mean is: Why in the @#$&*~%&^! did I have to buy a CTD case of BIOSHOCK INFINITE HeroClix — based on a friggin’ video game! — to get some scary/good “generics” for my various “Mad Scientist” and “Evil Genius/General”-type Villains to pit against the Heroes?!?! I mean, again, some really good stuff coming out on the super-side of clix. But, why the HECK does it seem you save the really good stuff for the video game licenses?!

Anyway. Yeah, bought a sealed CTD via my usual online vendor, typical “bulk discount”. Bought two of the BSI Starters as well. For the “Generics”. Damn. You.

002-Machine-GunTurret 014-Motorized-Patriot 006-Rocket-Turret103-AutoStallion106-Handyman105-Flackman

You see all of that?! Do you?! (*rubs WizKids nose in it*) Plenty of “fodder” for villainous types ranging from Arnim Zola to Puppet Master to T.O.Morrow to A.I.M./HYDRA to Machinesmith (who has yet to be made) to the “Terrible Tinkerer (who has yet to be made) to Red Skull or the Secret Empire (they have yet to be made, darn you) to…. to… to…

Aaargh! Darn you, WizKids! I love/hate you. (Speaking strictly as a consumer of your products. Try not to read anything into it.)
[IMPORTED: originally posted on 05 JUN 2013 with the title ‘HeroClix ‘Temptation”: BIOSHOCK INFINITE’] 

“Dear WizKids: I love you, I hate you…”

WizKids preview today over on HeroClix.Com is for its computer game-based BIOSHOCK INFINITE license. Damn you, WizKids. I’m trying to save money by not diving into non-comic book superhero-based Clix. But, I love these — [this is where the pictures of the two BSI Turrets and the Motorized Patriot were]

Ages ago over on, when I was still hanging out in the “Dreams & Desires” fan-dial design area, I proposed “TrapClix”. They were a lot like the BSI “Turrets”, except that they couldn’t be carried. They had to be assigned to your force, costing points, but were placed like objects at the start of the game. Man, I need to revisit that idea, that thread. WK Game Design just opened up a new door…


Wish-List: Knights of Wundagore (v1.6)

EDIT (28 SEP 2012): “Clean up” time. Was in a rush to post this yesterday, and it showed.

Been on a “collage-making” kick lately. Making ’em, dropping them into old posts here (and noting the revision appropriately), and putting them into my “profile album” over on  Decided to revisit the Knights of Wundagore, which I’d only touched on over in my HCR album.

Also, as a bit more of a “preamble”, WizKids is debuting its new Vehicle rules in the up-coming BATMAN HeroClix set. After that set, there’s a follow-up CTD (“Counter-Top Display”) set, a mix of single-figure and 3-figure blind booster packs, called BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM. We’ve seen this done before, with one of the 2011 AVENGERS MOVIE releases, where the 3-figure packs had (1) characters not found in the single-figure boosters within the same release and (2) they were a thematically consistent “theme”.

Looks like in STREETS some of the 3-figure boosters won’t have three figures, but one Vehicle and one “rider” (or “Pilot”, under the new Vehicle rule  mechanics). So far, we (the fans) have only seen Huntress and her “peanut-based” motorcycle.

For more info, recommending that you not only visit but also’s “The Evidence: Index” thread for links to other “evidence collection” threads. Some of the most recent and exciting info has come out a dinner slideshow for retailers done by Alliance Games Distributors. Like this shot —

I’m excited. Love the Vehicles concept. Love the possibilities. Including expansions of the concept. Mentioned the potential for “giant-robots as Colossal “Pilot-required” Vehicles, I believe. 🙂 And, I assume more multi-purpose “generic” vehicles, like more motorcycles. Maybe Vehicles that are also “Animal” characters, like the winged, Pegasus-like mounts of characters like Black Knight and Dreadknight.

Speaking of “Knights”…

The Knights of Wundagore!! Members of the New Men, a “race” of artificially evolved animals created by one of the creepier and obsessive Marvel personalities, the High Evolutionary.

The High Evolutionary made it into the game (finally) a few years ago in the MUTATIONS & MONSTERS set. A good, playable clix. Since his entry, though, WizKids has also introduced the concept of “Minions”. And a lot of “leader” type characters since have recieve Special Power-sporting “Minions” of thier own.

Mostly, I just would love to have some Minions for the High Evolutionary in the game. My thought originally was the Knights would be great to have these generics, maybe as Uncommons, split-dial style, so you could choose between ranged combat focused or close combat focused roles.

Now that WizKids is introducing Vehicles, they ought to break out that FANTASTIC FORCES era Atomic Steed mold and a double base, make some Atomic Steed vehicles. Pilots for the Atomic Steeds: Again, maybe making use of “split-dial” designs?

To re-hash: WizKids has a couple of design techniques it’s been getting plenty of mileage out of lately: “Multiple Starting Line” dials and “Split-Dials”. The “MSL’s” are one continuous dial, sub-divided by alternate starting lines, offering a selection of point-cost options. Example: GG#045 Thanos from GALACTIC GUARDIANS, with starting lines for 300 points and 150 points.

The “Split-Dials” tend to have two separate starting lines, each for the same point-cost. Example: GG#014 Astral Dr. Strange, costing 13 points with two starting lines to choose from.

Ideas for the Knights of Wundagore: Two characters, as in two separate figures. Sculpts based on two different Knights. Each figure has a “split-dial”. One “life” is a representation of the character the sculpt is based on, selection of power to reflect both the character and a role for him on a HeroClix team; the other “life” would be more of a “generic”, a “Minion” special power design, but a similar combat role on a team. By “combat role” I mean close combat or ranged combat “focused”.

So, two Knights figures, each with a “split-dial”, one a close combat piece and the other a ranged combat piece, all capable “Pilots” for atomic steeds.

I don’t know. It’s worth exploring.

Wish-List: Red Ronin and the Shogun Warriors (v1.6)

Yes, yes, yes. I have already done a post on these guys, way back when.  Look it up.

I just want to pop these pictures in here, like so —


We’re not getting any younger over here.

Man-o-man, the recent previews for the “Flocks of Bats” and the Vehicles have really got my mind abuzz.

If you can’t do another “Super-Booster” set, well then, what the heck happened to the rumored “Scenario Packs”? Wouldn’t these be good candidates?

Also, one idea I’ve tried to bring up since WizKids debuted the new Vehicle mechanics is that we now have the potential to have Colossals as “Pilot-only” Vehicles. I think it’s a killer idea.



EDIT (07 JAN 2013): Wanted to add in the first “Giant Vehicle”, Blue Beetle’s “Bug” from the BATMAN set of 2012, which comes from an official preview.


Wish-List: Red Ronin (v4.5)

EDIT (19 FEB 2013): WOW, a lot of changes in the game since this post. Probably needs a rework. (It was originally posted 21 APR 2010.) Until I can do that, here’s a new “collage” and I’ll add the dial preview WizKids gave us last year for the Blue Beetle’s “Bug”, which is the game’s very first Colossal Giant Vehicle


Marvel’s Red Ronin! Pulling another old “Character-Wish” entry back into “draft mode” for a re-work.  REASON: WizKids’ excellent reworking of the colossal-related rules; the fantastic colossals they’ve given us in GSX and the TRU exclusives; the new “Removables” mechanic that will be introduced with July’s CAPTAIN AMERICA expansion.

Back in the 1970’s, Marvel Comics was licensed to do comics on some properties coming out of Japan.  I remember Godzilla and Shogun Warriors, the latter of which was a line of giant robots.  Combatra, Danguard Ace, and Raydeen are the ones I remember.   At some point Marvel created its own “mecha” for use in the Godzilla comic: Red Ronin. Red Ronin has stuck around since Marvel lost those licenses, popping up infrequently.Been wanting to see any of the giant robots introduced into HeroClix for a while now.  Even proposed the idea over on in the “Dear WizKids” section: “Shogun Warriors: Marvel & Indy brands” , and I’d like to revisit ideas put forth in that thread, emphasis on ideas in post #1 and #26 of that thread.

Marvel (and DC) have continued to plumb the depths of its fictional universe, adding in more and more murky, gray politics and international beats.  I think Marvel could revive the Ronin concept and give China, Japan, North and South Korea, and other parts of Asia a sort of “international defense force” to counter the USA’s plethora of super-people.  They could revive Marvel’s own concept of the “Followers of the Light” organization as an organization of multi-national do-gooder types.  Given the tensions in the area and around the world, the organization would be rife with intrigue, as their relations with each other and with “The West” in the real world are complex and often at odds.From the original thread I have linked, I still like the idea of a Sentinel-sized HeroClix figure.  Still like the idea of one sculpt, but several different colors.  Ronins Red, Blue, Black, Green, and so on.  Use of the “dual-dial” design that they are using on characters from the CAP set and the TRU colossals.  Use of the “Removables” mechanics for 3D object weapons.  Make Sure the different colors of Ronin come with different removable objects, but that the objects have their own cards to detail game effects and can be swapped between the different colossals; “Interchangeable Removables”.

Someone started a thread recently in HCR’s “General Discussion” area recently about colossals and having standard-sized clix characters that could be put in them.  That’s a cool idea, but if you check out my recent “Character-Wish: Box” entry on this blog, I think there’s also a way to do it with “pilot” characters put on cards off-board.  (A way for Marvel to re-introduce the “Followers of the Light.)  There’s also the whole issue of the “Vehicle” keyword, a mechanic only hinted at a couple years ago with a rumored Batmobile clix.

Some other great ideas in that old thread as well.