Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Commanda! (v1.1)

Commanda. Marvel Villainess. Spider-Man foe. First appeared during the 1990’s, but “ret-conned” into Spidey’s history as a villain he had faced-off against some time during his first couple of years of costumed heroics. Wears a suit of highly adaptable armor, and the “tiara”/”crown” headpiece is a cybernetic interface she uses to control a swarm of small drone/bots. The drones can operate independently or combine into various forms.They could fire energy beams, and provide her flying transportation.


WizKids is putting out a lot of “never before clixed” characters, and she’s one I’d like to see. I believe I still have here first appearance locked away with my comics collection. Taking a gander around the interwebz, wow, she hasn’t appeared much since then. One other notable appearance during the “Superhero Civil War” and that’s about it. And, she’s kept to the “jewel thief” modus operandi. No indication she’s the maker of her own tech, just an adept user of her own hardware.

I’m just going to toss the names of certain clixed characters out there, and see if you can tell where I’m going with all of this: Superior Spider-Man and his Spider-Bots (Mk.’s I and II)(2014 Marvel Heroclix DEADPOOL set); Batman and his Flocks of Bats (Black, Brown, and Grey) or Geo-Force (DC Comics HeroClix BATMAN set, 2012); Rick Jones, or Red Wolf [& Lobo] (2015’s AVENGERS ASSEMBLE set).
Yep, I like what WizKids’ Game Design has been doing with “Attachable/Removable” 3D “Bystander Tokens” and with Bystander Token “generation” powers.

Might not have to go that far with her, though that’s what I’d prefer. She could just have a series of Special Power variants on terrain marker generating powers. Not *just* Smoke Cloud or Barrier, but also yet another chance for WizKids to bring back the “Web” marker (or, Web/Snare, as I’ve been calling it). Plenty of experimentation done of late with terrain markers. Including being able to draw lines of fire from them.

No one’s clamoring for her, but she has the potential to be another fun clix.


Ret-Con: Weather Wizard (HT REV; v3.5)

EDIT (2014-08-14): Originally posted back on 14 MAR 2011. 

Weather Wizard is about to be “reclixed” in the upcoming DC Comics HeroClix THE FLASH set later this year. I’m not much of a fan of the Flash, but his “Rogues Gallery” rivals Spider-Man’s and Batman’s.

Ret-Con HT Weather Wizard v2

Advances in the game have left the older clix version obsolete. (And he was not viewed favorably by players in the first place.)

Was fun reviving the “Web special terrain marker” game effect, which first appeared in 2010’s Marvel HeroClix WEB OF SPIDER-MAN set. Have been wanting to see it “re-titled” and the effect used more. And have posted to that effect on this blog. Adding it to this old Weather Wizard rookie/experienced/veteran piece from the “ancient” DC Comic HeroClix HYPERTIME set (2002) gives him something to do in today’s game.

I was tempted to also give his defense some help — like tacking on Energy Shield/Deflection — but then decided that his Range value and Force Blast were his “defense”. Making the “Web/Snare” thing a free action justifies his existence on your force-build, because he’s unlikely to hit the broad side of barn with those attack values.



Wish-List: Trapster (ReClix! v1.2)

EDIT (19 FEB 2013): Removing some pictures, dropping in a “collage”. That is all.

Trapster! Haven’t seen him since the SINISTER set in 2006. Pre-CURSR, pre-Special Powers, pre-Traits. Still really like the Vet. Need a new version, though.

Said it before and I’ll say it again: WizKids needs to revive the “Web Token mechanic” it introduced in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN in 2010. Rename it “Web/Snare”, start allowing more characters to use it.

Trapster here would be a good start. He’s mainly known for using the paste, but he is a weapons designer and maker specializing in compact weapons that can entangle opponents. One Captain America story also showed off his “security planning” skills, getting Cap to run through a gauntlet of death-traps in his very own “secret lair”. Of course, that was a superhero comic book story, so he was going to lose. Still, points for trying. “Paste Pot Pete” here is regarded as a bit of a joke by the in-story superheroes as well as comic fans. “Bad first impression” + “glass jaw”.

Would like to see WK get at least two starting lines out of his on a single dial, whether it’s “point-options” style multiple starting lines or “split-dial”.

All of his SINISTER standard powers work. Again, “Web/Snare” would be welcome. The Perplex, though, may need to be re-thought; I think the focus should be only on hampering opponents, rather than possibly buffing-up teammates or himself. Take a tack from the “Rogues” (of DC’s The Flash), and negatively modify a target opponent’s stat values, maybe only movement and/or defense values? That also makes a case for a limited Outwit countering only an opponent’s speed-slot powers. Possibly. Alternately, combining Web/Snare with Smoke Cloud in a special power would get plenty of mileage.

Trapster has used his adhesives and solvents for various effects, including scaling walls (paste on boots) or slipping out of an opponent’s grip. Although, Plasticity would cover this, the new Improved movement abilities would be cool to see on such an otherwise disrespected villain.

Also, WizKids has recently started previews for the TEEN TITANS set, specifically, the new “Team Bases” that are part and parcel of the SwitchClix concept. I’m not the only one wanting to see a Frightful Four Team Base. Even better if WizKids were to have that in a “Marvel Monsters & Villains” themed Super-Booster set.

Lastly, WizKids has been rolling out some very fun, non-Resource special objects over the past year. My favorite as of the release of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is Doc Ock’s arms. Any chance for a 3D object representing Trapster’s paste-guns?

Wish-List: Black Mamba (v1.6)

EDIT (19 FEB 2013): Popping back in, because I’ve been on a kick lately to get WizKids to bring back the “Web Token” mechanic, rename it as “Web/Snare”, and start using it on more characters. The way Black Mama manipulated the Darkhorse, I think there may be some opportunity here.
Black Mamba!  A Marvel super-villainess.  Member of the Serpent Society and one-third of the B.A.D.Girls (Black Mamba, Asp, and Diamondback). Something of a “cyborg”, I guess you could say, as the source of her powers is an “implant” provided by Roxxon Oil Co., and I assume it’s a derivative of the Nth-tech that also empowers Sidewinder.  It gets a little complicated, so I’m going to quote from her Wikipedia entry:

Black Mamba possesses two separate superhuman abilities which she most often uses in tandem for a unique result. Her powers are both presumably the result of a cranial implant given to her by Roxxon.

Black Mamba has limited telepathic abilities that allow her to scan the minds of others nearby. The extent of her telepathy is unrevealed; it is unknown if she possesses other abilities possessed by most telepaths, such as mental communication. She uses this power to extract and project illusions of loved ones into her victims’ minds while placing her target in a sedated trance-like state in which they are fixated upon the mental image she has created.

Mamba’s second ability allows her to generate a cloud of tangible Darkforce energy that she uses to ensnare her victim, constricting them with potentially fatal force. The victim, however, is unaware, and views the Darkforce energy as the loved one she has projected into their mind. Trapped in Mamba’s ecstatic trance, the victim is completely unaware that they are being strangled and can die in minutes. Mamba can generate Darkforce without first using her telepathic power on an opponent, but with much less efficiency as the target is aware and can avoid the relatively slow-moving Darkforce cloud easier. The full extent of Mamba’s control over Darkforce energy has not been revealed. She can also use her Darkforce to surround herself, disguising herself as whomever she wishes to look like. She can use this ability on others, though the field begins to dissipate when it leaves her sight.

Beings with sufficient willpower can break free of Mamba’s telepathic grasp, and physical attacks of sufficient force can dispel her Darkforce manifestations. Because of this, Black Mamba usually employs her powers on those who are unaware of her presence.

So, some Special Power combining a Smoke Cloud and Incapacitate effects, possibly a Poison-type effect.  That may be taking a page from Trigon (CRISIS), Larfleeze (DC75), or Imperiex (SUPERMAN), what with their “Special Token” SP’s; her Darkforce “constructs” are susceptible to physical attack.  Defense-wise, Stealth and Shape Change seem appropriate.