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ASM + MCU + TV? (v1.1)

Going over in my head the “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Amazing Spider-Man 2 ” movies. Comparing them to the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” movies, and the Fox “X-Men” movies.

It’s too bad Sony would probably never consider cooperating with Disney/ABC/Marvel for a kind of “series of TV mini-series” for Peter Parker, Spider-Man. The character and OsCorp and all need to be integrated into the MCU. Not ruling out more movies. It’s just that the character needs room to develop. ASM2 had some interesting concepts, but it was so “crowded”, mashed together.

TV could help serve all the characters better, with some episodes focusing on Pete, others on his interactions with the supporting characters, others developing the world and the evolving threats the Pete will eventually become aware of and have to deal with.

Movies could then be reserved for major confrontation, smart and plot-driven. (Like CAWS or XMDOFP.)

They will have to make changes. So, what to keep? What to change?

Recommend they go younger for Pete, and his friends. No more near-thirty-years-old actors playing teenagers.

“Dual Lives.” With movies like CAWS emphasizing the “privacy versus security” debates, need to get a better sense of Pete’s intelligence along with his developing sense of ethics and morality. Unlike other MCU heroes (the ones that aren’t spies), he’s trying desperately and deliberately to have a secret identity. How? How does he do it? Without causing suspicion? How do you do that in this “global, digital age”? And for how long?

At some point, everything about his life is about being Spider-Man. I mean, about enabling him to be Spider-Man.

Aspects of Spider-Man: “Detective.” Working part time at the Bugle, as both occasional photographer and maybe as part of their IT and website management teams means he has access to journalists, reporters, data bases, et cetera. Learning about how society functions, and its darker, seedier aspects. Plus, today, a lot of high school students are trying to earn college credit and/or start part time internships early, trying to get an “early start on life”, create opportunities for careers or at least good jobs. Peter is trying to do that, plus “enhance” his efforts as Spider-Man.

“Scientist/Inventor”: Pete’s always had an aptitude for science (and math), has helped propel him forward. May help him survive, as well as consider when he’d want to stop being Spider-Man (right along with romantic interests that would have him considering marriage and family). If such a “series of mini-series” ran long enough, they could introduce the “Horizon Labs” he eventually worked for in the comics.

“Avenger? Agent of SHIELD?” Could happen eventually, especially in the MCU.

“Sinister Foes.” Like certain things the ASM movies were doing, shady thing. Imagine if some of those scientific break-throughs made it into even more sinister hands. “Age of Miracles?” Yeah. And given OsCorp’s research, a bit of an “Evolutionary War” as well.

Main thing about the MCU: it can’t be about HYDRA and/or the Nine Realms all the time. Hoping the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie helps reinforce that, showing other forces in play.

Hmmm. That is enough for now.

ASM was a good reboot. ASM2 was poorly executed. Salvage the best ideas, plan carefully, redesign, rebuild, reboot. It can work.


Just saw “X-Men: Days of Future Past. Geeking out. Rocking good time. (Still not a huge fan of the Marvel mutants, but Fox is doing pretty darn good with the licenses. Still prefer Cap and the “mainline” Marvel Cinematic Universe movies,  but I admit I’m biased.)

(Plus, Jennifer Lawrence: love her in 3D, whether “normal” or “blue”.)

Methinks Fox and Disney are competing. Marvel coordinates. Fans benefit.

Where’s that leave Spider-Man and Sony? Unlike some, I don’t believe it was/is “too soon for a reboot.” And there are some great nuggets in “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

I have suggestions.  But, I’ll try to organize them into a separate post.

WK MV HC XMDOFP Preview: Senator Robert Kelly


WizKids just posted today’s preview for the Marvel HeroClix X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST set: Senator Robert Kelly.

I like these “character as ‘Battlefield Condition'” characters. I’m kinda surprised he’s not a Unique. At 42 points, for 400-point or 500-point games, you could field a couple of these “distinguished gentlemen”. Interesting “support” piece.