Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: The Savage Land Mutates (v1.1)

The Savage Land Mutates! I’m very surprised that, with anything X-Men related being so successful for HeroClix, that we haven’t seen this bunch in an X-Men set. Savage Land Mutates.

Will edit-in suggestions later today…..

EDIT (2016-09-23): Well, so much for “later today.” More like, “here and there, when I can.”

BARBAROUS: 7-ft tall, Toughness, four-sided Flurry, Super Strength special involving hold two Light Objects at the same time. Brute, brawler, straightforward. 

AMPHIBIUS: Extremely mutated human, frog-like. [Dolphin] movement symbol (for Swim), Leap/Climb special with +3 to movement, ‘Stealth while in water terrain’ special,….. fighting? He’s “Extreme Toad” (but not movie Toad).

BRAINCHILD: “big brain”. Not a “mind-controller” but a “super-genius”. Not necessarily a fighter, so, he’s the physically vulnerable source of Perplex, Outwit, maybe Probability Control, Enhancement, Empower, and *just maybe* specialized Mind Control targeting only friendly Savage Land Mutates. 

LORELEI: Mind Control, especially adept at enthralling males with her “singing”.

GAZA: 8-ft tall, Super Strength, Toughness and/or Invulnerable, blind with “radar senses”, *might* be a better fighter that Barbara’s.

PIPER: a Mind Controller, manipulating minds on hordes of smaller animals using sonics, generated by flute. Bonus to attack value we using MCU to target characters with Animal and Monster keywords. Bystander Token generator, BTs of various things he’s “summoned” before, like a “sea serpent”.

LUPO: “Feral.” Blades/Claws/Fangs, Charge, Combat Reflexes. Known to control certain animals, but rather than being a Mind Controller, he also could generate Bystander Tokens, maybe start the game with (x) number of wolves at his side.

EQUILIBRIUS: Low-level Psionic. When he makes eye contact, targets are Incapacitated with a sense of vertigo. Not physically robust; not really a physical fighter. Make him cheap and fragile with a natural damage never greater than 1 (maybe just zero, and a hobbling Traits that says the damage value can’t be replaced or modified?), but with an *obscene* range (old school = 12; modern design = 9), and a high attack value and Incapacitate? One Target. Unique. Sidestep, skirting the edges of a melee, “zapping” opponents already engaged? 4 clicks of Life, max.


HeroClix Wish-List: Mesmero! (Marvel)(v1.1)

Mesmerizing Mesmero! A green-skinned Mind-Controlling Marvel mutant and supervillain from Marvel Comics, often seen as an “X-Men villain” due to his association with Magneto (a robotic one anyway) and early frequent run-ins.

Sidebar: I’ve kinda gotten reticent to do these ‘Wish-List’ posts. Lately, when I finally remember a character I’d like to see make it into the game — Flag-Smasher, The Guardian, Blackbriar Thorn, for example — and make a post, I end up finding out they were already on their way in the next set.
I have a feeling with the Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN coming out this week, then a DC Comics Joker/Bat-Villain set coming in November, then a Marvel HeroClix Deadpool/X-Men-ish set early 2017, seems like anything I could think of may already be on it’s way.

Anyway,…. Mesmero!   Dictionary.Com definitions, for reference: Mesmerism and Hypnosis. Also may be useful: Mentalism So, he’s not a telepath, not a ‘mind-reader’. He clearly has the comic-book style ‘psychic ability’ to stimulate some region of regions in a subject’s brain to make them incredibly susceptible to suggestion. That *has* to vary by individual, and since he’s been know to ‘stalk’ and ‘plan’, he must choose targets carefully.

How would this translate to HeroClix? Normally, I assumed he’d be designed as a kind of ‘vanilla Mind Control (standard power)’ piece. But, The Game Designers have been doing such a neat job of ‘representation’ of off-beat powers, would really like to see something other than “just MC’ and a modest range.

There’s plenty of Mind Control pieces to draw inspiration from, I suppose. The ASM016 Dracula, for example, uses “Mesmerized” tokens to ‘mark’ opposing characters that are now susceptible to Drac’s mind control. May be applicable here.



HeroClix “Core Rules” Evolution: “STOP” & “Optional Traits” (v1.2)

EDIT: Looks like they added one more article todayDesign Insight: Optional Traits, expanding a rather “Tailored Feat” kind of effect. It’s wonderful stuff. Post from earlier today continues below.

WizKids posts reveals latest ‘key term’: STOP. This comes on the heels of the latest Marvel HeroClix UNCANNY X-MEN preview for Emma Frost Very “pro” the addition ‘key terms’ for the HeroClix Core Rules and Powers & Abilities Card. Love their “Design Insight” series: Link.

Archiving the previews —

MV27-UCX-005a-Emma-Frost-1 MV27-UCX-005b-Emma-Frost-1

“Fantastic Wars” (v2.1)

Had no idea the “rights-war” mentioned in the articles linked above was going on, until I stumbled across this thread over on —

My view: I understand the “why” of the tactics Marvel is taking to regain control of the character licenses they had to sell off during the 1990’s bankruptcy, but I can’t boycott things like the Fox reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR. I’m too interested to see what Fox does.

I very glad Sony reached a deal with Marvel/Disney! Spider-Man becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is great news.


EDIT: Frankly, I’d like to see Spider-Man/Fantastic Four/Avengers/Defenders/Inhumans all share the same MCU. But, I’d like all the X-Men stuff to be it’s own MCU.

Yeah, yeah, I know, “But, they should have movies where all the characters can share the screen!” Meh. Mutants always seem to crowd-out the MU. They can support themselves in their own narrative universe. DC Comics fans have been enjoying a “multiverse” since the first “Crisis” stories with an “Earth One/Earth Two” thing going on. It exploded from there.

Marvel could have two really distinct but similar “universes” of it’s own, not just “What If….?”‘s. Both could share the Celestials machinations. Where they diverge? The effect of the Celestials tampering with humanity’s genetic code, the addition of the “X-factor”. Both realities mutants are possible. BUT….

In one, you have the Eternals and the Deviants fighting each other, eventually reducing themselves in population, maybe eventually fleeing Earth, leaving it open for the Kree and the Skrulls to tamper with Humanity and create some of the first Inhumans. Things tend to roll sporadically from there. Until WWII. Suddenly, “mainstream humanity” is rapidly growing technologically, creating super-soldier and eventually cracking the atom. Then the Space Race, the Arms Race, and the Inhumans can’t hide from either Humanity or the effects of “globalization”. But, they’re kinda a minority, trying to keep the competing “nations” of Humans from blowing each other up. Existential threat, but it’s human-created superhumans/robots/genetic monstrosities against each other, probably with Earth being a “Third World” proxy stage for intergalactic powers.

In the other, maybe the Eternals and Deviants annihilated each other, the Kree/Skrull “intergalactic Cold War proxy contest” that would create the Inhumans never came to Earth, and — aside from certain “random mutations” in ancient times resulting in “mythical heroes and monsters” — nothing really came of the “X-gene” until more modern times. In the present day, normal humanity is fearing the rise of all these “Mutants” popping up out of nowhere. The existential evolutionary war is beginning.

Both have stories to tell.